The Writings of Aaron Stride
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I quiet my mind and focus on the stillness that pervades all things. Stillness is the basis of all creation. Take a molecule and break it down into atoms. Then take the atoms apart and you have subatomic particles, such as protons, electrons and neutrons. We see particles as simply small bits of physical matter, but that’s not the case. Subatomic particles have the ability to change at the moment of thought into particles or waves. Wave forms have no substance. Just like sound waves, they are not physical. They come from an unseen world. A world of essentially nothing, or no-thing. All matter comes from nothing. It comes from emptiness. We also come from that realm and can reside consciously in that place at our choosing. We have forgotten that this is our resting place, our origin, or home. We have sunk down into a physical realm where thought chatter defines who we are and what we experience. But if we can learn to quiet that thought chatter, then eventually we can open ourselves back up to receive life from the realm of stillness. We essentially wake up from a sleeping state. An awakened state is a place of abundant joy and peace. Were energy flows through our mind and body, having been freed from the confines of our egoic mind, our sleeping mind. Life is more vivid and alive. We sense the connectedness of all life, because all of life comes from that place of stillness. We experience a greater sense of intuition and empathy. Intuition, the knowledge of things that have already come to pass, that we are a part of. And empathy, experiencing the connectedness of all life. You experience what someone else feels, because you are essentially them, and they you…
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