There is a lie, the phantom has told
To achieve its objective and be in control
We have been given a life, and in it we must live
To achieve its success, we must take and we must give.

Within these days, right choices must be made
To experience its fullness, many prayers must be prayed
To receive it eternally and enjoy paradise
We must accept the idea it was purchased at  a price

The phantom spins his web. On the throne he does reign
Creating an illusion, a false identity in the brain
Life consists of days numbered,  that are whittled away
It's called a lifetime, from cradle to grave.

Duality has kept this sham alive
Individuality- its food , that it needs to survive
Celebrating each life that is different from the other
One of a kind, its father-uniqueness its mother

Life cannot be controlled by the Human race
It cannot be confined with in time or space
It's not something to be lived within a number of days
Or something maneuvered  thru, like  a mouse in a maze

It's not something that's  given on the day of conception
It's not something that has vision, in clarity or deception
It's not something that leaves with the final goodbye
Or extended with prayer to place on high

There is no you, who can achieve and obtain
There is no you, who can indulge and abstain
There is no you to exist thru the days
There is no you to maneuver thru this maze

If there is no you, what can there be
Only Life, that is completely free
Released from a prison of false identity
Surrounded in the knowledge of true humility

Life is all there is , it's not seen with the human  eye
It's beyond the depths of the ocean, and the far reaches of the sky
It cannot be explained, within the understanding of the human mind
Its total completeness cannot be grasped by mankind.

Life is all there is, and all there will ever be
No me or you, or us or we
I don't exist, and neither do you
Life is all in all and that is the plain and simple truth!

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