My human identity, lives in the realm of expectation
On the roller coaster ride between happiness and desperation.
Always looking far ahead, to the next best thing
Or dreading in fear, what tomorrow may really bring

Anxiousness and worry, closing in on every side
Looking in disgust, at all the remedies I have tried.
To get rid of all lies that I believed to be real and true
Agreeing that there is one, while the mind always speaks of two

My mind screams and shouts, demanding a change be made
Wrongs must be made right, debts must always be paid
I stood as judge and jury, deciding evil from the good
My world was based on judgement, making quicksand of where I stood

Can I  ever get to a place, where I no longer need to fight
Can I ever get to a place, where I see beyond natural eyesight
Can I ever get to a place, where I believe nothing needs to change
Will I ever get to place where nothing ever needs to be exchanged.

Understanding life, is nothing the mind can conceive
It can't be conjured up, or demanded that I believe
I've tried so many times, to make myself achieve
This love everlasting, that my soul does long to retrieve

As I empty out these thoughts, and the falseness of who I am
The Phantom disappears, along with his wiley sham
In the nothingness of silence, the truth reigns supreme
This world of appearances is nothing but a dream.

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