The “I” spins it’s web, in the illusion of an eternal identity
Bowing its knee to try control the holy separate entity
Prayer is “I”s tool of ancient retrieval
To obtain all the good, and remove all the evil

Oh “I” who have judged what is wrong and what is right
Determining who is darkness and those filled with light
Oh “I” who have chosen what needs should be filled
By speaking the words so masterfully skilled

The “I” rules and reigns while pleading its case
It’s eternal identity fashioned with grace
It longs to live on, defying the grave
Its sacrifice saying, “I” will be saved.

But what if there was no “I” to maintain or exist
Just an elaborate illusion and the plot has a twist
No good to ask for, nor evil to resist
Just total completeness, always there, never missed

The ALL IN ALL, is ALL there can be,
No ‘I”, no you, no us, no we
No cause or effect to try to understand
Only Unconditional Love with NO demands

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