I am The Same As You re

I am the same as you are, the housing  may be a different shade
We think we are so very different, but those lies are strictly man made
When I look into your eyes, I see myself staring back
No longer will I play, that song of separation soundtrack

Love is All in All, it sees no you and me
It's totally complete, in perfect harmony
But you will never know me, until you first know me as yourself
We can't divide this Oneness, and put it on a shelf

I cannot know you as my sister, I cannot know you as my brother
I can never know you, as being totally another
The only way to know you, is to know who IAM
We are one IN the same, any other thought is just a sham.

When you look upon me, realize what you see is YOU
The housing may look different, but inside there's one not two
There is only the Eternal Spirt, which is Life and Love
The truth of OUR very Being, that you can be sure of

There is no you and me, there is no we or they
All these labels of separation, we must do away
There is only ONE Life, that's all there will ever be
As I look into your eyes, LOVE sees itself complete.

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