Thank you for checking out my website.  On it you will find poetry that explains my awakening to the wonderful truth.  What truth is that you ask?  The truth that there is only One.  There is not a separate me and a separate God that has merged together to become one.  One plus One has never equaled one.  Only One plus nothing equals one.  There is only one and it is this Father who is Love and Eternal Life.  It is this Life that dwells in these mortal vessels.  The person we have believed to be us, is not the truth of WHO we really are.  There is no us, just a Phantom who tries to exalt itself and be like GOD.  We must be awakened to who we really are..Eternal Life and Love.  Jesus came to reveal the truth of our being.  He did not come to appease an angry God on our behalf…He laid down this human life to reveal the Christ within…..the truth of One.
There is no One with, if there is only one
The son is the Father and Father the son
Love cannot divide itself into two
Not if it's whole and complete and true

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