We say we know what love is about
We raise our hands, and clap and shout
We gather together, under one roof
But if you don't believe like us, we stand aloof.

Everyone says can't we just get along
But the walls of division are very strong
We knitpick about words, and how they are written
With those words, we cut deeper in hearts that were bitten

We've read the Bible, hoping something would click
We've flung out our prayers hoping something would stick
We've tried to be loving, thought we were kind
Our heart has been darkened, our eyes have been blind

He came to reveal the truth of our being
When you look at Him what are you seeing
The Oneness of love, no flesh can contain
A shrouded mystery, the mind can't explain

The Oneness of All, the defining of Life
The embracing of Love, the ending of strife
When I look in your eyes, what do I see
I see myself, staring back at me.

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