I look in the mirror, at the fine lines
It brings to memory, a life defined
I laugh at the mirror and that crazy thought
Years wasted, believing the lies I was taught.

In the land of separation, I prayed to my God
Hoping I'd get the prayer granted nod
If blessings came, I did everything right
If they did not, I was a child of the night

I spent my life, trying to enter the light
The lines on this face are the wounds of the fight
All that I wanted, the freedom to be
Was not in those lines staring back at me

This God I conceived and tried to control
With prayers being answered, I was on a roll
My ducks were lined up, I was bearing the fruit
But not knowing the truth, the point was just moot

I always thought my God was with me
Arranging the circumstances, like I thought they should be
But I heard a message, and my foundation soon crumbled
Truth cried out, and inside Love rumbled

It soon all became crystal clear
The eye could see, and the ear could hear
There was no God, there was no I
That man of separation had to die

The Father, who is Love, Light and Life
Cut thru the deception with double edged knife
There is only Him, He is ALL in ALL
No more knees in front of the wailing wall

There is no One with, if there is only one
The son is the Father and Father the son
Love cannot divide itself into two
Not if its whole and complete and true

Now as Life looks in the mirror
Those judgment memories, they disappear
Not being subjected to the appearance realm
That ship has sailed, Love commands the helm

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