Love says come, take a closer look
Throw out the judgments received from a book
Take no thought, of the desires sought by the human eye
Look beyond of the realm of a well crafted lie.

The sly minion says, what you see is what you get
We take it for truth, and we place our bets
Don't tell me it's not, it has to be real
After all, it's what I touch, taste and feel.

But the flame of revelation is burning bright
To see beyond, past natural sight
We are conscious now, of the cloak of deception
The web of lies about the day of conception

Life has no beginning, it has no end
No time in between, no space to transcend.
It always was, it always shall be
We're done with the fruit, from the wrong tree

The falsehood of duality, we must constantly break
From our slumber, we must awake
There was never two, it's always been one
One Love, One Spirit, AS everyone

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