There Is No Such Thing As Passing Time

There is no such thing as passing time
No future to lay ahold of and make it mine
Remembrances of a past, Held hostage by the blind
The passing of time is a concept of the mind.

The Phantom constantly lives, by the hands of the clock
Controlled by the sound of each tick tock
A future to look forward to, or a past to exalt
A second chance at redemption to erase past faults.

In the land of passing time, there can be no rest
Only struggling and toiling to always be the best
Time commands the individual, who worships separation
It's mind solving problems in complete desperation.

The Phantom plants the thoughts of anxiousness and worry
Time advances the appearances, fear rushes in with a fury.
A belief in separation, there's a "Me" this is happening  to
False judgement rules and reigns, declaring it is true.

Times disappears when the Phantom is gone
Away goes the thoughts. That made death seem so strong
Peace only comes, when each second quits it chase
Spontaneous Life exploding, putting an end to the rat race

Life knows not a concept of a season or an age
No events captured in pictures, or history written on a page
Life had no beginning,  it will never have an end
No appearances to control, or no future to apprehend

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