The sacrifice must die, blood shed on the cross
To make me Holy, otherwise I'll be tossed
Into the abyss, burning with brimstone and fire
I must have love for this God, submit to and admire

This is what I've grown up with, its what I've been taught
My life is not my own, it was purchased and bought
By a God who required cleansing by blood
The same who killed millions in a massive Great Flood

But it didn't add up, how can that really be Love,
Demanding the death of a man sent from above
So I thru up the lies of all I had digested
I cleansed my palate, closed my eyes and just rested

It soon became clear on why He appeared
The miraculous of oneness, separation disappeared
There was no God, demanding my change
There was not needed a great exchange

Nothing was changed on Calvary
It was a revelation of the true ME
The flesh died and the Christ was risen
The Truth was released from the cell of the prison

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