On Easter we celebrate, the day He was risen
Thinking that punishment was the reason he was given
To pay for our sin, that originally came by Adam
To be our sacrifice, with pain we cannot fathom
But what if it's not, as religion has always taught
What if it's not, the plan we all thought
The plan to believe, to escape a burning hell
Where all sinners are placed, if they don't accept and tell
Could that be the plan of the Father who is love
Accept a blood sacrifice to make it to the place above
What if the plan was not to confess our sins and pray
To receive a man in our hearts, who had to die to pay
For all the wrong that we have done, and will ever do
To take us to a place somewhere in the sky so blue
Lets think about this, come let us reason
To think outside the box is not committing treason
What if He came not to pay, but to reveal
The truth of our being, that religion wants to conceal
What if he was crucified for unveiling the light
That we are the Christ, the Son who burns bright
The Son is the Father and the Father the Son
This the revealing of each and everyone

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