"These thoughts have held me captive, Judging things by what I see
Replaying words in my head on what reality should really be
The phantom stands in the gap, the judge of evil and good
Making lifeís choices based, on lies that are misunderstood

This dream of separation, has caused the elevation of ďMEĒ
The god of this world has invented , the self will that claims that itís free
ME, the judge and the jury to declare what reality should be
Based on the physical senses, Iíve judged reality as what I see

What I see, what I touch, what I taste, does not make anything real
Nor is it what I believe, or how it makes me feel
But reality is absolute truth, it is not subject to any change
It doesnít look at circumstances or how things are all arranged

Could it be that simple, as easy as a clap
Reality is all there is, there is no need for a google map
Itís Life, Itís Love, itís truth, unseen by the human eye
To really know whatís real, give up thinking thereís YOU and I"

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