The Phantom

Why is it so hard, for us to believe
There is nothing in this world we need to achieve
No struggling or toiling by the sweat of our brow
No living by appearances, or our mind's know-how.

These thoughts in our head, surely can't be random
Lies entertained, encouraged by the Phantom
The truth of our being is not a God who rules and reigns
It's the Light of eternal life, no words can explain.

This mortal man, cannot begin to comprehend
This Life that we are, has no beginning nor end
We have exalted death, tried to plan our escape
Prayed to our God to change the landscape

This God that we thought, could deliver and save
Is really the Phantom, to whom we're a slave
This human man, who demands to be on high
Disguises itself as a God in the sky

We pray for this world, that we constantly judge
Wondering why the prayers we pray do not seem to budge
Changing evil to good, its what we try to achieve
The Phantom is God, or so it believes

Stop living this lie of the appearance realm
Where Control is God that steers the helm
To live by righteous judgment, is not that bizarre
It's to be the Life, that we already are.

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