The Phantom Man

The Phantom man lives, in his realm of birth and death
Controlled by passing time, until he takes his last breath
Longing to become, what he thinks that he should be
Constantly looking for change, in order to be free.

The Phantom man speaks his lies, declaring life is what is seen
But change is desperately wanted, and the slate must be wiped clean
In order to enjoy these days, that the phantom calls a life-time
He searches the realm of appearances, always looking for a ladder to climb.

The mind constantly speaks, being fueled by duality
It shouts- life is short- from behind its mask of mortality
It's created a world ,that glorifes, and praises individuality
It's given us a book of rules, to rejoice in what is morality

Silence is the weapon that can take the Phantom down
Destroy his web of illusion, strip away his victory crown.
In silence the truth is broadcast, life is heard beyond these ears
Oneness is complete, where both fear and faith disappear

Life is in the realm, that the mind cannot understand
It's never out of order and it's never out of hand.
Life never just happens and it has no place to go
It doesn't have a speed, such as fast, medium or slow.

Life is always complete, and  its always in the present
No searching thru the memories, wondering where the time has went.
Life is not a notion, it's the very thing we are
So pour another stiff one and smoke that damn cigar!!

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