Tribulation fills the world, and no one is at peace
Hatred, Division and Violence, all seem to have increased
Words that are spoken, in anger and in fear
Has everyone confused and nothing seems quite clear

The mind has controlled what is playing on the screen
Bombarded with visuals from the media machine
Declaring the world, must be balanced and fair
All the while caught up, in the serpents lair 

Quit shouldering the burden, of the world of wrong and right
Where separation divides into red, yellow, black and white
The Phantom plays God, as he rolls out the dice
Deciding whos value is worth a great price.

Look far beyond, these natural eyes
That fills the mind with sorrow and lies
If love divine is going to be seen
Awake from the slumber, of this illusionary dream.

If you look past the appearances, you will be at peace
The loud noise of judgement, will finally begin to cease
The truth of what is real, is unconditional Love and Life
Erasing the tormenting memory, of division and of strife

There is no other, to be the object of this anger
No us nor them, no enemy nor stranger
There is only Love and Life, appearing as you and me
It is only thru this understanding, that Love will be revealed as free.

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