What is the Kingdom of Heaven

What is the kingdom of heaven but peace, joy and contentment
Where life is enjoyed without regrets or resentment
No looking for change, just knowing what IS
No judgments being made on anyone’s biz

Stop looking at things, trying to figure them out
Silence prevails, not the screams or the shouts
If you really believe you are ALL in ALL
You will never answer” how it should be’s” call

If your looking thru the human eye and change is your goal
It’s the Phantom man sitting on the throne of control
You will never tell another what needs to be done
If you really believe in the identity of One

Listen for anxiousness, do not follow it, but go beyond
This process is painful, because there’s no magic wand
But to experience the place of relaxation and peace
The flesh man’s desire for change must cease.

Life unfolds as it should, without our constant attention
We are not the doer, nor the kings of intervention
Rest in silence and knowing All is complete
No matter what comes along, there is no such thing as defeat.

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