I am spinning the wheels in search of a place
Where Love always reigns beyond time or space
Wanting that peace that just is and not earned
As I study ancient books to be memorized and learned.

I travels on a journey to try to understand
To become more enlightened to a master plan
To preserve its essence, to remain in control
To make sure Is name is written on a scroll.

I doesnt want truth, because then it wont thriv
I needs to exist, it needs separateness to survive
I needs that sense of a personal being
I looks in the mirror and believes what its seeing

As long as there is an I, it will always be in control
It has to have something to bring about its goal
This something as been called God, Love, even Fate
In the end is still the same, get rid of what I hates.

For the I creates, and exalts its uniqueness
To hide the oneness, so that it dont believe this
There is no others, no opposites, no you or I
No separate individual that Love can deny

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