The natural eyes can only, see what they see,
Fixated in judgment, they determine it to be
Something to pray away, something to pray for
The knowledge of good and evil, always knocking at the door

These eyes look around and play God on the throne
The Phantom casts down judgement, using words as stones
The situation must be changed to the knowledge of good
Religion exalted, to chase evil from the hood.

Who judged me as naked, it must have been the "I"
To cement it's existence, the phantom speak nothing but lies
The fruit of this tree, promises knowledge and control
Separation rules and reigns, down that rabbit hole.

Unconditional Life does not feed on that fruit
It is the ALL in ALL, from the vine to the root
It has never been, and will never be, out of order
It's not a remover, or a diligent rewarder

Life has no judgement of what is good or evil
No need to extend gifts, of ancient reprieval
Life only knows Life, in order and complete
Life cannot end at the last heartbeat.

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