The following will be some random thoughts about the preparation for 'Supernatural Healing' (SH), as I see it. That is, healing for which there is no physical explanation by doctor, patient or others present.

There are four preparatory ingredients to being 'Supernaturally' healed (SH).

1. Believing in the possibility of SH.
2. Intense desire for SH.
3. Persistent pursuit of SH.
4. Expecting that SH will take place.

I've witnessed and experienced enough incidents of SH, both recently and in the past, to believe ANYone can receive healing from ANYthing. Some of what I've personally witnessed being totally overcome includes cancer, arthritis, total blindness, diabetes, asthma, severe allergies, scoliosis, heart trouble, etc. Many of these maladies had been determined (by the medical profession and their sophisticated instrumentation such as X-Ray, MRI and/or other diagnostic technology) to be incurable and, in some cases, 'terminal.'

I well remember one doctor, a well-known back-surgeon, in Provo, Utah, showing me before-and-after X-rays of a female patient's spine which had been healed of scoliosis. He tapped on the back lit X-ray viewing window panel on the wall inside his clinic, with his knuckles, saying: 'You tell me that's not a miracle!'

He began to refer patients for SH as an alternate to surgery. Before the above referenced incident he had steadfastly believed that the only cure for scoliosis (curvature of the spine) was surgery and even though he knew the results could mean a lifetime of inflexibility and pain, still felt it was the preferred solution to doing nothing. A visibly humbled man! His previous reasoning was based on the fact that scoliosis left alone, creates a growing imbalance in the body which leads to other serious medical problems.

In each incident of SH, which I have personally witnessed, one or all of the four preparatory ingredients listed above were in operation in either the person who was healed or among his or her support group, present at the time.

I make no claims of being a 'healer.' One of my favorite examples of a facilitator of SH was the French physician, Emille Cou'e, who taught people a simple method of self-healing. 'I don't heal anyone,' he said, 'I merely teach them how to access the healing power within all of us.' Dr. Cou'e did this with hundreds of his patients at his free clinic in France.
In my own experiences I learned there is often a block to healing which must be removed before SH can take place. The block may be conscious, sub-conscious or spiritual conflicts.

I stopped in the middle of writing this and spent several minutes reviewing, in my mind, some successful episodes of SH ...and some failures. I arrived at some rather startling conclusions after asking what were the primary differences in dynamics and process (between 'failure' and 'success')  ...the failures were/are always a result of the involvement of money, dependence upon method or competing egos,  no matter how minor the focus on these may have been.

In the absence of these and any agenda, other than SH for the subject person, SH took place simply and almost perfunctorily once the conflicting blocks were removed.

I define SH plainly and simply as healing for which there is no physical explanation doctor or patient. The above referenced back-surgeon's quiet, but emphatic exclamation, 'You tell me that's not a miracle,' being a perfect example. The following famous quote is also apropos, 'All I know is once I was blind, but now I can see.'

In my experience, again, a prerequisite step to SH starts with any medical or religious authority-figure, such as a physician or pastor (or actually anyone tending to want to control the situation), relinquishing control and either becoming a mutual (and equal) participant in the process, or was physically removed from the equation. There can be no vying for control. Such manifestations of the ego are a horrendous obstacle to SH. Anyone's ego, however manifested, will interfere with the process.

For me, a give and take, informal interview is an effective step to getting underway. I have found that merely asking, 'why are we here?' often gets things quickly started and everyone on an equal footing in an atmosphere of mutual trust and expectancy.
That's it. Why did I feel compelled to write this?  I haven't a clue... at least as yet.

In reviewing all the foregoing, I'm well aware of several things left unsaid ...and some of which will remain that way. I've also become aware of a few answers to the above question, 'why did I feel compelled to write this?'

First, some of the unsaid which needs to get said. I'm writing from the limited perspective of my own personal experiences, so no broader range of knowledge is implied ...and yet...

The fact is, my past experiences were often joined with and impacted by others who did have a wide range of professional training and expertise in traditional medicine (those with 'M.D' after their names), as well as those with different letters indicating doctoral degrees in osteopathic, naturopathic, chiropractic and other alternatives to traditional medicine. One had such lettered designations in three of the disciplines.
All of us had this in common:  Amazement, humility and no clear-cut explanations about the phenomena of SH.

Was there a definable, duplicatable process: Yes, 'but.'  Was there a common denominator among all those who were healed? Yes, 'but.' The 'but' include so many variables and exceptions as to defy any attempt at putting together a system, method or structure to the process.

The common denominator among all those healed, however, is threefold:  1) They either already believed or, during the process, came to the point of believing in the possibility of SH for them (not merely generally).  2) They either already had an intense desire to experience healing or, during the process, came to that point; and finally, 3) They either expected to be completely healed or came to that point during the process.
SH seldom occurs in ideal circumstances. I suppose, therefore, that's what makes it 'super' natural?

For me to be involved requires a setting I'm unwilling to put totally to paper, other than the rules I've listed below; only because of myriad variables, too numerous to effect a catchall. The examples of SH are numerous and usually dramatic, if somewhat matter of fact. Until I learned about emotional, mental and spiritual conflicts and how to expose them (and comfortably, for the person wanting healing, to remove the conflicts), the failures far outweighed the successes.

Now? There are no failures Usually the conflicting block is clearly ascertained after just a few moments -- it is then up to the individual to decide whether healing is desirable and to choose whether to proceed.

To the uninitiated, the question immediately arises, how can that be ...everyone wants to be healed don't they? The simple answer is no ...and that's exactly what is meant by conflicts, especially spiritual and sub/un-conscious conflicts. That's what needed to get said (period).
Now onto, why did I feel compelled to write this?

I'm fairly certain I know most, if not all, the answers to the why of feeling compelled. Some of the compelling is like being gently nudged. Some of it is like being driven compulsively. One of the answers is so that I have clarity in my own mind. I do now (have clarity) ...most of which will remain unsaid.
Another reason which I will state, 'for the record,' is to provide an introduction and discussion medium for those attending an SH session and also for those who want to pursue the subject privately.

The general rules for involvement are simple:

1.  Everything is confidential and not to be discussed outside a small invited support group -- six people maximum.
2.  No money is required or requested.
3.  No note-taking or tape recording is allowed.
4.  The session will take place in a setting comfortable (for and agreed to) by the person to be healed.
5.  No cell phones or pagers allowed -- and any other phones must be unplugged, or receivers taken off the hook.
6.  All precautions must be taken and agreed to -- that there will be no disruption or interruption.
7.  No religious ritual. (If someone present feels the need to pray -- that person can pray in his or her 'own closet' (silently and privately).
8.  No spectators. Everyone is a participant in the process. This is not a show.
9.  Skepticism is okay... just keep it and any opinions to yourself. You will soon be an amazed and humbled believer (also).
10. The process begins with an informal give and take interview - during which comments and questions ARE welcome. Once the interview is over, comments and questions are NOT welcome.
11. These rules ARE open to discussion and comment during the interview.
12. As a means to avoid confusion, experience dictates one facilitator (not to be interpreted as a 'leader' -- we are all equal, co-participants in the process).