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    Something that should amaze anyone who calls himself a believer in Jesus Christ is what Jesus said about anyone who believes enough will be who he was and do the very same things he did as a man during his sojourn on this planet. What should be even more amazing is how many Christian leaders and teachers either ignore these words of Jesus or actually contravene them. Jesus said "these words which issue through me are life" …it would seem to me, therefore, that we ignore them at our peril and to argue against them should be unthinkable.

    A series of free "Faith Explosion Workshops" are in the process of being developed …the following is excerpted from the syllabus:

   "Will you begin to see this and begin living in your destiny, the destiny that has been promised to you?  Let's take this a step at a time.

Step one: Jesus said the words that flowed though him weren't his words but were his Dad's.

Step two: Jesus said that the works (the "supernatural" …the "miracles") he did were not him …that is, he didn't do them …his Dad did them.

Step three: Jesus said that everything he did as a man, anyone can and will do also if he/she believes enough.

Step four: Jesus didn't do the works; therefore, neither will you… the SPIRIT in you does the very same things Jesus did.

Question: Are you an anyone? Do you believe enough?"

E-mail: faithexplosionworkshops@gmail.com  for the complete (yet still in the process of development …a work in progress) Faith Explosion Workshops syllabus -- it is completely free…

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