Grandaughter Sharing Her Love

Darrell Girten
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Granddaughter sharing her love with all

     Before I knew that eternal life began at the cross when we believe we already have eternal life, and we do. The enemy was able to cause my eldest son to go to sleep with cancer and my granddaughter wrote this and thought I would share.


My Uncle

My uncle with his freckles and red hair,

He hugged you like a great big bear.

He would light up a room with that beautiful smile.

Always there when I needed him, on speed dial.

My uncle with faith as strong as steel,

Bowing his head for prayer at every meal.

The funniest man I have ever known,

His voice always stayed in one range of tone.

My uncle with his wonderful laughter,

Making jokes at my little mistakes like they did not matter.

He would drive on the back roads really crazy,

Never wanting us to get bored or even hazy.

My uncle with his seriousness,

Would teach us to live for God by asking for forgiveness.

Teaching me each day of the books of the Bible,

Telling how God is the most reliable.

My uncle with the biggest heart,

Wise was he and very smart.

Though he is with Jesus in Heaven above,

In my heart, I can still feel his love.

My Uncle Randy.



Judy and Darrell Girten


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