Chapter 1
The Astonishing New Revelation

Chapter 2

The Great Questions

Chapter 3
The New Day Dawns
Chapter 4
The Christ Message

Chapter 5
Man Never God
Chapter 6
The Pure In Heart
Chapter 7
Our Divine Destiny
Chapter 8
One Infinite Whole
Chapter 9
One Indivisible Consciousness
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
The True Worshippers
Chapter 12
The Living Water
Our Security
Chapter 14
Empty Bottles
Chapter 15
The Real Universe
Chapter 16
On The Mount

Chapter 17
This Is The Day
Chapter 18
The Christ Presence
Chapter 19

Chapter 20
I Am The Life
Chapter 21
The Last Shall Be First
Chapter 22
Enter Thou
Chapter 23
The Wedding Garment.mp3
Chapter 24
The Bridegroom Cometh
Chapter 25
God Is All
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
I Am That I Am
Chapter 28
Our Creation
Chapter 29
The Lord Self
Chapter 30
The Judgement Day
Chapter 31
Our Living Identities
Chapter 32
Divine Revelation
Chapter 33
The Atonement
Chapter 34
Preach The Gospel
Chapter 35
Heal The Sick
Chapter 36
Cast Out Devils
Chapter 37
Raise The Dead

Audio Book
The Great Answer
by Lillian DeWaters
Read by Laura Casale