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“The Connection”

“No Limits 

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  • Syllabuses:
    Excellent Grace

  • Wholly Created

  • Illusions & Perceptions

  • Belief or Knowing

  • Biblical View of

  • The Oath of God

  • Promise of God

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Welcome to ReCovering All…             

 Going from Real as we know it to our true Reality In Christ.  ReCovering All… isn’t here to share anything outside of God’s vastness.  We share what’s included not what’s excluded.  We want to reveal and focus on that, that resides within, in a fresh way.  Jesus died on the cross so  humanity could become the Living expression of Christ on the earth.  This reality of Christ in you is grounded in the truth of God, which is revealed through his Love and Acceptance from the very beginning. 

     We teach people how to shift and change their mindsets from preconceived ideas based on their life, job, society, finances and their past.  This shift takes place as we recognize and understand our thoughts, choices, and terminology we use.  We are so accustom to habitual preset actions, and use of language that we have lost sight of their true meaning.  So we’ve forgotten how to truly express our feelings.  therefore we have forgotten how to feel and recognize God within, our purpose for being. 

     We are so addicted to terminology.  If we use the term “Resurrection”, people don’t resist it.  But if we use the term “Quickened and Raised”, there’s no resistance.  If we use the word “awakened” the walls go up.  So much thought is given to our everyday lifestyle that we spew words out of pour mouth right and left.  Mostly negative, mostly about ourselves and the judgmental perceptions of others, not realizing that everything we say or think we give power to.  The word of God says “Life and death is in the power of the tongue.”  We limit the powers of God within us by our preconceived definitions of words we assume we know.  Stop and recognize the power that resides in you.