And the city was broken up, and all the men of war fled by night by the way of the gate between two walls which is by the king's garden (II Kings 25:4). 

Men of war? Way of the gate? Between two walls? By the king's garden? Hmmm. 

Where is this gate, this gate made of precious pearls of great price? This same gate which gains entrance to forgiveness and where there is NOW no more condemnation to those that are in Life. This gate to all of God's fruitful increase in faith, hope, and love, as us. This gate that opens to Him who IS. The Him who is always lovingly correcting, directing, and encouraging us until He who IS, always appears. Wait, if God is in His heaven or garden, and if God is in us, then, heaven (garden) is in us. Heaven or garden is His Christed mind within His Most Holy Place, us. Selah.

 As truth, the seed, which we are, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the root of David, the bright and morning star, illuminates in us and as us. And as surely as He rose, we, too, are the light, the CITY on a hill, where there is no more darkness, no more setting of the Sons. Hallelujah. 

It is our omnipotent God who gives his cherubim charge to guard over us. Yes, the cherubim are the two walls on each side of us, the gate. So obedient are these angelic beings, fulfilling His every purpose. These divine cherubim guard our garden mind from thoughts that oppose our anointed minds.

 Carnal thoughts of superiority, self-righteousness, and worldly power cannot enter our garden. The knowledge of good and evil, the attitude of indifference, all wrapped up in a mortal, corruptible package called ego, or pride, have been expelled from our garden. The god Narcissus (Me, Myself. and I) have been conquered. This proverb no longer exists. The men of war have fled. Hallelujah.

 There is a new gardener in town. He is cutting off branches in order to remove that which is dead or dis-eased, so that we can bring forth 100% first fruits of love, joy, peace, kindness, patience, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, and temperance. He is pruning us to BE, BE His Tree Of Life, which we are so carefully and lovingly protected by His cherubim. Only being transfigured to fullness of glory can that which is perfect come.  Only by RE-newing of our minds can we truly be I AM LIFE.

 Holy ones, we are the tabernacle not made with the hands of men. We are sanctified, purified, justified, and glorified, set apart where God has placed His cherubim on the veil of man's eyes. The cherubim will not allow any man to see the Kingdom of Heaven, only that spirit chosen by God can see the Kingdom. Adam cannot see the Christed, the Mercy Seat, which we are, protected and covered by God's angels. 

As His kings and priests, the RE-newed think only on truth, honesty, justice, purity, love, and God's news, for this is right with Him. Dear saints, God elected us before the foundation of the world, so take great care, be eager and steadfast in that which you have been chosen to accomplish.

 Kings, Priests, you are the entry into the eternal kingdom of God and forever are you His Royal Garden.