Ashes of the red heifer, sprinkling the unclean sanctifies to the purifying of the flesh. (Heb. 9:13)  

Why do we unequally yoke ourselves with death? It is not sin that separates us, the chosen, fromGod. It is the "negative influences", ie: people at work, family and friends (earthly, and yes, even heavenly), T.V., music, movies, religious tradition of men, etc., upon mind, emotion, and conscience, birthed from pressures of situations and circumstances around us. 

Our mental attitude is strongly influenced by this world's spirit. Our soul life is affected. This is where having an attitude adjustment comes into play. I turn to Matthew, Chapter 5, The Beatitudes, or as I like to say, "Be The Attitude", which wonderfully raptures me up into the higher dimension of God's anointed mind. 

Friends, detest being defiled and contaminated by touching death and being corrupted by this Narcissistic world. Is it any wonder, Lord, you said, "Shake off the dust of your feet", (your feet represent your walk). Also, you said, "Let the dead bury their dead." 

Water (Holy Spirit) of separation, will bring decrease daily to these things: negative music, negative news and programs on T.V., negative movies (death, death, and more death), conversations that produce anger, tears of sadness and sympathy, fear, anxiety, and insecurity.
Idolatry (the worship and holding onto dead men's traditions), gossip (lies), dependence on the use of medicine (Greek word pharmakeia, where we get the word pharmacy, which means witchcraft), and dependence on government to solve our needs, rather than turning to our God (I Sam. 8:4-20). These are all related to the world's system. We are in the world, but not of the world. 

Thank you, our gracious loving God, that we were separated before the foundation of the world. We do cherish you, and stand in awe of your royalty (kingship), humility (priesthood), and your sweet fragrance (presence). AMEN

My precious God, you took my hand and pulled me up, out from the turbulent seas. As you continued holding my hand while we walked, there appeared before us a most beautiful waterfall.
We continued walking toward the falls until we entered in, allowing it's power to consume us.
Suddenly, I could see your head and shoulders rise above the falls, and then the falls became your pure white raiment. From top to bottom, I was transfigured to my true image, no longer was I in my flesh covering. And there with me, under your garment, were all the members of your body, fused together, joined to your head and government. ONE. HALLELUJAH.



Saints, we are the Book of Hebrews, a book of better things (Heb. 11:40).