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The image of the MAN OF LIGHT was given to me at the end of the feast of tabernacles of 2003. I had been seeing this Light Being standing before me almost every day for 22 months - starting in January of 2002. It would appear to me in an indirect focus, but when I would stop what I was doing it would disappear. But would appear when I would continue doing what I was doing.

But in October of 2003 the Holy Spirit came to me and said, "This man of Light dwells in every cell, molecule and atom of your body. Draw this image out on white paper and cut it out and paste it on black paper and take it to the body of christ and tell them that this is what you look like in the spirit if your inner eye is opened. So I did as I was told.

This man of light is Christ - The Spirit of Life. Everything that Christ is - is in this Spirit Being. This Mn of Light is the man created in Genesis 1:26; it is both Male and Female, Spirit and Soul, The "I" that I AM. As I medated on this Man of Light I began to see that Spirit and Soul are ONE. This Man Of Light is the true LIGHT which LIGHTETH every man that cometh into the world.

These words that you read were spoken to me by the Holy Spirit about on this Man of Light on various subject as you will see. May you be blessed by these writings

          The Man of Light

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