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                                           All- The whole extent or quality of everything; The whole

                                                  affair, everything one has.

Let's take another look at another quote; ALL that the father has IS yours. ALL that the father has IS yours. Your father, your CONSCIOUSNESS; AND HE IS ONLY AS YOUR BELIEFS ABOUT HIM. And at the time that was written, the writer did not understand about THE BOX OF BELIEFS. But now is time to understand that your beliefs put you into a box with walls, and those walls of beliefs keep you from entering into THE UNLIMITED POSSIBLES of the God in you. This is why I opened THE UNIVERSE to you to show you as BEING that you are is INFINITE, you have no boundaries, and you have no limitations. You are as vast and great as the universe itself, Because I FILL ALL OF IT. This is why I AM called EIN SOF-THE INFINITE ONE, THE MOST HIGH SUPREME BEING OF LIGHT. So when it says, ALL THAT THE FATHER - the source of BEING, that masculine energy that I AM in you as BEING, ALL THAT I HAVE AS FATHER HAS IS YOURS. And it says He, that who I AM as this masculine energy of spirit BEING IN  YOUR KNOWING OF ME, NOT YOUR BELIEFS ABOUT ME. When you speak of KNOWING. you are speaking of an intimate relationship with the one who speaks to you. and you experience my word to you. But believing you have formed a belief system built on the ideas of others; most religious ideas that tell you about God; that's a belief system that does not work. when one says, I believe in God HE IS COMING OFF OF FACTS. But when you say  I AM LEARNING TO KNOW GOD IN ME, you are speaking of a knowledge of god who dwells in you.


So I AM only as large as your beliefs about me which is your box; or I AM AS LARGE AS YOUR KNOWING OF ME AS I REVEAL MYSELF TO YOU. One thing is for sure and that is-I AM NOT THE GOD OF RELIGION: but this one fact is true - I AM THE GOD OF LOVE, AN ALL CONSUMING FIRE. And true spiritual love burns up what is not of me. So I AM  as large as you want to know me. And the universe is the limits. This I can tell you that the carnal mind can't even grasp this truth much less let go of it's religious ideas of a flesh Jesus that dwell inside of them. But then too, for those of you who read and hear these words, HOW DOES THIS FLESH MAN JESUS FIT INSIDE YOUR BODY? See, here is your belief system working. But I will tell you this that "I" AS BEING- AM CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD. And I dwell IN YOU AS YOU. and I AS CHRIST AM THIS UNIVERSE THAT I HAVE SHOWN YOU.


So it says here, according to your faith be it unto you. According to your belief, or is it your KNOWING through INTIMACY that you receive? No more, no less. One man is made whole and another nothing. One man prospers and another is in poverty. And YET IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THAT ALL - GOD, BUT THE FAULT OF THE MEASURE YOU BRING TO THE FOUNT OF ALL. Just let me say it this way to you, ACCORDING TO YOUR KNOWING BE IT UNTO YOU. And if you do not have this intimate relationship with me, the God who is -  that is BEING- BEING YOU, IT WILL BE ACCORDING TO THAT EFFORT YOU MAKE TO KNOW ME. And it is not done in the religious circus that is out there where they tell you what I might be saying.


I want to ask you this question, CAN YOU GRASP WHAT IT MEANS, ALL THAT I HAVE AS FATHER IS YOURS?    SELAH!  I AM INFINITY IT SELF, and I DWELL IN YOU - AS YOU. But I AM not talking to the natural mind, I am speaking spirit to spirit, deep unto deep! And yet I want you to have this; just think on this for now.    SELAH!


SEE spiritual prosperity is so beyond your comprehension of what I want to give you. see, all that "I" have is yours. I KNOW that word yesterday on that all that father has is yous; and yet it is true. And as you know the natural mind will fight you for it or against this saying that this in not true. But I say it is if you just receive what is said here at this moment.


NOW IS THE DAY, when else could it be? Tomorrow? It surely wasn't yesterday. When the NOW is recognized, everything comes to life. You know that I have spoken on this subject before, but in reality all you have is this present moment that is NOW. I have spoken to you that right NOW is THE ETERNAL MOMENT OF NOW. It has no beginning nor does it have an end. THE MIND IS RENEWED BY THE RECOGNITION OF THE NOW OF SPIRIT, AND THE TRANSFORMATION TAKES PLACE. The NOW of spirit is the spirit of  CONSCIOUSNESS OF MY PRESENCE is the source of all supply. I have renewed your mind enough so that you are ready to receive all that I have that I as FATHER has is NOW YOURS!


REMEMBER, I told you that in the air you breathe in has the POTENTIALITY OF EVERY BREATH TO DRAW TO YOU WHAT IS NEEDED AND DESIRED.  For the air you breathe in is spirit. It is the Father, and the air you breathe in has this potentiality, this power and love is in every breath. Then add that to the praise and Thanksgiving in love, all things become possibly to you. That is if you can receive this by the spirit. I have told you that thanksgiving and praise in love will draw all things to you.If you do not believe this, then what that is in your mind that keeps you from receiving these words? Have you kept my word in you TO SEEK YE FIRST AND FOREMOST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND ALL IT'S RIGHTEOUSNESS, AND ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED TO YOU? NOW is come upon you to receive all that the father has is yours. Oh, what is so hard with that?          SELAH!


i WANT to you the reality of the kingdom of God in your NOW, in POWER, IN THE BRINGING FORTH SUPPLY AS NEEDED IN AN UNLIMITED WAY. Unlimited because you by - pass the natural mind in opening this up to you. Let me destroy this idea that the whole economy is about to fall; for you are in the world, BUT NOT OF THE WORLD.  Just as I brought judgment upon Egypt to let my people go, they were not effected by those plagues! I want to prove to you that all i have as of NOW IS YOURS. Just step back and take a look at what I did for you when you were involve in that accident in Tucson last month. My provision  there was this, i PROTECTED YOU THERE AND PROVIDED YOU A NICE VAN TO GET HERE. Plus all that was needed to replace the fuel pump in the van, you just had received. Can you see into this that all I have IS NOW YOURS? the supply in my house has no lack of what so ever, because it comes out of this ETERNAL MOMENT OF NOW. Or better yet it comes out of INFINITY ITSELF. Infinity itself has no beginning or no end. This supply of spirit is unlimited and has no borders in what is now come forth to you, now.


WHEN THE CONSCIOUSNESS IS RENEWED, BY ITS BECOMING AWARE OF THE PRESENCE OF SPIRIT AS HERE, THERE, EVERYWHERE - THEN THE OUT POURING OF THIS SUBSTANCE MAKES ITSELF MANIFEST, IN WHATEVER MANNER OR NECESSARY AT THAT TIME. Truly this is what you saw in Tucson, you and a need but didn't know what you would get, or how much money it would be; but it came forth as you begin to see a white panel van and heard FORD, FORD. And of course you see what you now  have is what you are now driving. Plus it was far beyond  what you expected to get. Truly you were aware of my presence in the midst of all of this. But everything was in place, the right people, the money and the right van. this is only a for taste of what is to come to you. All that Father has is yours. i own everything; for as it is written, the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. That is those who are innocent in child like trust. The wicked is those who create out of their mouth whatever is not of me, trust in their riches, their ability to create their resources, never giving me thanksgiving and praise.


WHEN you are momentarily conscious that I AM here, I AM there, I AM everywhere, you are aware that the very breath you breath is the spirit of the consciousness of the presence of God. For when you pay attention to your breathing, you realize that is heaven. For you don't realize what you do when you pay attention to the breath, you yield your self to the power that is in it. For the air you breathe in is all that I AM. It is heaven itself. It is the power, the potentiality, and the LOVE that I AM in the very air you breathe in. It is my name of I AM that you breathe in silently. So as you speak out the breath of the I AM, as you  thank me and praise me, the potential of the power to bring forth into manifestation through the LOVE of the spirit breath. This is spirit to spirit, Deep to deep. But when it is correctly understood, nothing will be impossible to you because you KNOWTHAT I AM HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE. You do not believe this, you KNOW THIS AS A TRUTH. This is not about a religion that has a man - that is the son of man - Jesus on a platform, but this is about you as the son of man like Jesus, and  allowing the SON of GOD in you as FATHER, THE SOURCE OF BEING, for ALL THAT THE FATHER HAS IS YOURS. Religion wants you to give them your money as a tithe, but all I want you is this, SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND ALL HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL OF THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU. hose things that are added unto you IS ALL THAT FATHER HAS IS YOURS.


CONSCIOUSNESS is the key with praise and thanksgivivg in LOVE in bringing forth that Father has is yours; and many times I have tried to bring this forth, but because of unworthiness and guilt within the thoughts of your mind, you blocked the flow of spirit energy bringing this to you. Religion has done so much to help block this flow by telling it's people that they are not worthy because they are sinners and so on. but they never speak about forgiveness, and the mercy, and the LOVE, the peace and the joy that comes with the grace because of the CROSS. All they tell you is to give your money to their so - called ministry. But why should you when they give you no life or tell you how to come into the spirit - consciousness of BEING, when I tell you that ALL THAT I HAVE AS FATHER IS NOW YOURS. And I AM not going to say any more about this, Except those people who sit under that control do not hear the spirit call them to come out of her my people and partake  of her sins no more. Just know that this day IS NOW comes upon you fully. All that FATHER has IS NOW YOURS. It's not going to be, but NOW IS - THE DAY!


iI WOULD like to say this, this is not a word that is to be shared with everyone at this time, specially when you do not understand it your self. ALL THAT THE FATHER HAS IS YOURS. You ask, WHAT IS ALL? All is the whole extent or quality of everything. I can't say it any other way because it is spirit. And because it is spirit, it can be brought into physical manifestation. And yet you are not alone, all man kind will enjoy this. KNOW this that I as GOD, ELOHIM, THE MOST HIGH SUPREME BEING, AM INFINITE. I cannot be depleted or exhausted. So in terms that you can understand is that there in more then enough foreveryone, an abundant of life. Just let me say this, the overwhelming graditude in love in praise and thanksgiving is your witness that this is true.Just allow itto come forth and not allow your mind to figure this one out. because it is spiritual and it is part of that which is being restored unto you as A SPIRIT BEING.





















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