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                      THE ATOM MAN

Isn't it nice to start a day with a rainbow in the morning shy with the beauty of the sun rise. And even the rain drops falling down on you. This is of a spiritual significance; the rainbow, the promise of life; the colorful sunrise speaks of the new day in which you are come to in your personal experience of self - discovery. Then you have the rain - drops that were falling on you, speaks of my word being rained on you.And think of it also with the 30th year of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens; the 30 speaks of maturity, something about you IS COMING INTO MATURITY.


So with the rain, everything is so green, a vibrancy of life is coming from this rain that is starting to fall. It is life and the promise of it abundantly. Can you agree that this is a wonderful start for a new day?


This new day - IT IS THE PLACE YOU FIND IN YOURSELF THAT IS YOUR OWN BEING.  This is you as BEING. this is the place of true existence as BEING. It's beyond ALL thoughts and imaginations. You know you exist as you, but its different then what you think you are; and yet it is YOU. And the voice that says, I am you is you. You and I are ONE and the SAME! THE GOD CONSCIOUSNESS OF YOU KNOWS THE SON AS SELF. For you in existence is your true self, your GOD SELF, THE CHRIST OF GOD, THAT ONLY BEGOTTEN OF THE FATHER THAT YOU ARE AS BEING.


What is interesting is this, when you heard about your GOD SELF you stayed away from it. But now that you discovered yourself existence as BEING; you now understand or see the light in it, for your real self is this spirit BEING, that MAN OF LIGHT. This is your true self - YOUR GOD - SELF.


It's also like you shied away from the word UNIVERSE; Until I opened the vast universe within you. Do you see what I just did? As I was writing this word. I saw the figure of a man only thing this man had the universe within him instead the details of a man. I opened your inner BEING TO YOUR UNIVERSE AS YOU WROTE THESE WORDS.


Can you see now that you can never be separated from your GOD-SELF? This is why I said that, I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU. It is impossible for me to do that; If I leave you or forsake you, I would be abandoning myself. And I will not do that, because it is impossible for myself AS GOD TO DO THAT! Is this alright? I want to take away all of the religious ideas that still be within you about me as GOD.


But it also says that IF YOU LOVE ME, YOU WILL KEEP MY WORD, AND MY FATHER WILL LOVE YOU, AND WE WILL COME AND ABIDE IN YOU. And in reality, here is what has happened to you, you loved me enough to keep my word in ALL OF YOUR SO-CALLED TRIBULATION. And now I and my Father have come into your awareness that we dwell in you as you, as BEING, as BEING YOU.


this SELF DISCOVERY OF YOUR SELF is the restoring or the recovery of spiritual truth. This is the beginning of the opening of your mind, the grave of your mind, where I as BEING Am buried under the dirt of your carnal thoughts. I taught you how to take control of your own thoughts and imaginations; to bring you to your BEING of who is you, and yet, it is "I" who is BEING YOU.


So I  have awakened within you; and now I begin to stand up in you as you as - as you just be yourself; and I WILL BE YOU!  And in that I AM MANIFEST. You could say, I AM BEING YOU, AND YOU ARE BEING ME, AND WE ARE ONE AND NOT TWO. For if we were two, then would be separated. And this can't be! For to have existence, there is only ONE as you saw i your self; there is no body else here except me. And in that you know that the inner voice that speaks to you is your voice. It is not the voice of thought, but it is the VOICE OF "I" WHO AM YOU. Isn't it written that in that day you will know that "I" IN THE FATHER, AND "I" IN YOU, AND "YOU" IN "ME".


See, its come full circle again. This time it becomes more profound about BEING who you are. And when you just be - that when I AM BEING YOU. And what is so wonderful, is religion can't stand to see me be you; because I AM BEING YOU! AND religious people say, GOD can't be with him. He is this; he is that! No! he's lost! HOW CAN ANYBODY BE LOST IF I AM IN ALL, AS ALL? See, I AM BEING YOU as I talk to you through this pen, or if you go visit, or to breakfast. I AM BEING YOU! And YOU ARE BEING ME!


Here is something that religion can not teach you in BEING YOU. Yet, I AM BEING YOU AT ALL TIMES. Do you understand this? I as BEING YOU AM having a human experience BEING YOU. So you in your human experience are having an experience as BEING ME. There is nothing wrong with it, for religious man calls it sinful. and yet, if I AM BEING YOU, and you do what you like to do; it falls short of my glory. But then too, WHAT IS MY GLORY? Don't answer that immediately. Just contemplate it. If I as BEING YOU in my human experience, what you are doing, I am experiencing it as BEING YOU? Now,it falls short of the glory of GOD; so is it SIN? As religion has made it! Or what could it be? This is the matrix realm.


See! This is dwelling in your booth. This is revealing BEING how do you walk in BEING? That is your question. The answer is simple; YOU JUST BE! Transformation comes from within. It come as the mind, let's go of the old, to embrace the new, the true you. And yet there is NOTHING NEW. But ALWAYS IS!


What I accomplished at the cross was to destroy that mind was in the so - called ADAM. The fall was a LOWERING, OR A SLOWING DOWN OF THE ATOMS. THAT IS THE FALL. When I put Adam to sleep, I slowed down the speed of the ATOMS IN HIS BODY. So now in the experience of resurrection you have your ATOMS SPED UP. You could you are AN ATOM MAN, or THE MAN OF LIGHT.


In the MOUNT OF TRANSFIGURATION WHERE  I EMINATED THE LIGHT FROM WITHIN MY SELF, was the releasing of  that energy from each NUCLEUS OF EVERY ATOM IN MY BODY. And this too shall be your experience when your full realization of your true self; ALL OF THE ATOM'S OF YOUR BODY WILL RELEASE THE ENERGY OUT OF EVERY NUCLEUS OF EVERY ATOM OF YOUR BODY. Think of the brilliance of the light of an ATOMIC bomb, and you will see the brightness of my coming  AS BEING YOU. And yet coming is a word denoting MY PRESENCE. Can you begin to see how when I fully open your mind, that grave; how the light of this is going to bring such a RADICAL  SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS. This is resurrection life, it's BEING, STANDING UP IN IT'S FULL CONSCIOUSNESS AS I AM.


You truly are an ATOM MAN. For that MAN OF LIGHT, or THE ATOM BEING. And it is going to release it's energy from within it's nucleus. You talk about BRIGHT LIGHT! This is why you are drawn to very brilliant light reflecting that light off the sun. IT'S IN YOU; it's destined within you to experience the FULL SELF- REALIZATION OF YOUR SELF, The realizing of this atomic energy. This is Holy Spirit or the WHOLE SPIRIT BEING RELEASED FROM WITHIN YOUR SELF. I want you to understand that every ATOM in your body is going to release it's energy of it's nucleus. You could say that you are THE ATOMIC BOMB TO GO OFF IN THE EARTH. It's a people discovering themselves. The new ATOM MAN IS CHRIST BEING YOU AS YOU; BEING IS THIS ATOM MAN.


What is so unique about this word is  - this morning you saw yourself as this word, because it is you. it,s your true self AS BEING.


Just know that you are blessed to know yourself as BEING:or maybe I say that at this moment you know you exist as being. and can you see the outer man as  the thoughts and imaginations that make up the outer world of your so - called mind. Yes, BEING is different then the man in your mind's thoughts and imaginations. That old church saying, YOU ARE A NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST. What did the writer say about GOD. GOD IS BEING CHRIST IN MAN. OR GOD IS BEING CHRIST IN YOU. and you are BEING CHRIST AS GOD. BEING is a very POWERFUL DISCOVERY AS  A REVELATION AND A REALIZATION; DISCOVERING YOUR TRUE GOD - SELF AS I AM.