The Cocoon - The Final Stage of Spiritual Development






You enter into the kingdom of GOD through much tribulation. It is through much pressure that your character is formed. So after many years of tribulation and fire, the character that I wanted begins to surface as that pure gold as I scraped off the dross. And what has been said to you lately is to show you just how much that I have formed myself in you. It's time to know these things as I lead you on - as this journey of entering the LIGHT.


Sons of GOD are an inner spirit people. This is you as you progress deeper into your self that sun that just appears in a flash will keep getting brighter and longer as I bring you to this place of full sun light. You are the light of this word. All you have to do is be as I AM, so are you.


Inner peace comes from much tribulation in the furnace of affliction, burning the flaws of error and the nature of the beastly carnal man. It die because of every day affliction that you create out of your life. You learn obedience by what you suffer, and through that you let it go forever. Some one must be set back to make you sit still. It is in these times of uncertainty that you really want to touch God. You go inward to be still, but your head is a screaming raging mad mind trying  to find its way out of the circumstance it created. You, as you get tired of struggling to come out of your dilemma, you just let go, and I have accomplished what I wanted, a peace of the old man is dead. So you go on to the next trial or affliction not really knowing what was accomplished.


Here is another characteristic of dwelling in your booth as your feast of tabernacles, think on where I have brought you from, from each circumstance, each trial, as you walk on. Let me increase as you decrease from you bring you and yet in reality all you can do is be yourself as I AM. My expression is love and it is what makes this body stand. You wonder of you have love- I have been forming love in you all along, for my love is an all consuming fire.


I want to increase the frequency of love in you. Are you ready for this? For as it increases it's going to draw people to you. This is why I AM dealing with those negative frequencies of desires that come out of the flesh-that mind set that rules man-kind. Yes, love is a frequency, the highest frequency of spirit. It is the main law of spirit. Yes, you say love lifted me! because it has, and it's going to keep pulling you up, higher and higher. For I AM raising you up. Humble yourself in the sight of the lord, and I AM ever where in every one. I AM the omnipresent spirit of life that is in you and everywhere at all times.


                                           ON YOUR BOOTH OR COCOON


Now, I would like to speak on the cocoons that you just photographed   ( Gary can you insert one of those images of the cocoons?  JOHN).You could say that the whole cedar tree is a feast of tabernacles. Every one is in the booth, or their cocoon alone. YOU notice that some of the cocoon have berries on it. They decorate their cocoons with these berries represents those with their accomplishments, their ministries, the education degrees and so on of man's outer world. You know those who think that they are leaders. IT STAYS OUTSIDE THE BOOTH or COCOON. And notice the separate cocoons , each one when he goes into the cocoon is all   alone. Even in their decorate cocoons, all of their so-called honor is left outside the cocoon. All that is in this place of cocoon or booth is you as BEING. All the berries represents what you think also about yourself as a man or woman. And you go into yourself as is JUST BEING-BEING as existence of you as I AM; JUST SPIRIT. It is in here hidden away in your booth, in your cocoon do you experience TRANSFORMATION.


Now the afflictions and tribulations of ones soul could be your day of atonement experience. Because you must go through it before you go into your booth. You must be free within yourself of those destructive thoughts that take you into tribulation fire as they are burned up in my all consuming fire. This prepares you for the entering into this feast of booth-dwell in your booth or cocoon.


Now another thing I want to point to you about dwelling in your booth is this, there are many cocoons on a branch. Nut yet they are not all  bunched up up into one cocoon. They are separate and alone. When they come out of the cocoon there will be just a few at first as there were just a few that had entered into their cocoon first, they will come out first. Then the rest, each cocoon in it's own order. Just as Paul wrote-EACH MAN IN HIS OWN ORDER ON RANK. No one out of order; but each coming into his full full expression of CHRIST. You experience the metamorphosis, the changing of you from flesh to spirit BEING; yet still in the body. But your body is no more mortal-but spirit matter to where you can come and go as the wind.


To many the idea of dwelling within yourself with no thoughts is not to exciting. Because to many who try it nullifies the flesh. It involves being in your cocoon alone, and in silence and being still. Not much fun for the flesh. But your inner being is being quickened and expanded within itself. You discover that you as being in infinite or infinity ITSELF.


Even this morning you can feel yourself being pulled in spirit, it makes you feel light headed but you are aware of the feeling of being drawn upward. But then to-what is up or down? What is side to side? What is forward or backwards? For as you notice from past experiences when you are being pull upper say, How do you know what is up or down in spirit? You have seen light below you, you have seen light above you; But how do you know what is above is or what is below in this place of darkness? What about this so called veil you come to every so often? What do you think that is? could it be that this veil is the thoughts of your mind keeping you from going into this vast, incomprehensible darkness of your being.


The cocoon is the final stage of spiritual development of all that I AM. It is in this place of aloneness that I AM changing you into my image and likeness; or it is brings into your realization that you and I are one, and the same, that is identical and equal in spirit, soul and body; these three are ONE and the SAME. As you have allowed me to lead you where I wanted you to go, so that I could continue to lead you back into the LIGHT. Do you understand that in this infinite darkness as do I dwell in infinite LIGHT. For I as GOD hide myself in darkness. For darkness and light are the same to me. it's a paradox-kind of like the Hebrew letter ALEF.You have the upper YOD and the LOWER YOD together. Kind of like light and darkness are alike to me. And this darkness is not like the darkness of man's mind which means he is ignorant of spiritual things.


So the cocoon is very important in your process of being transformed in your mind and then your body. So you see within yourself that you  are in your tabernacles experience. As you continue in your booth, so too will I further your understanding of this whole principle of dwelling in your booth.


Do you remember how you found the Caterpillar making their cocoon by the leaves as they continue to make their booth until they closed themselves in? They started the cocoon at the branch and built it down ward until it was at the bottom where he closed himself in and then the transformation process begins.


I speak this to you that you may use this knowledge to dwell in your and wait for shekinah glory to appear in your inner chamber of the MOST HOLY PLACE. Yes, this cocoon is the MOST HOLY PLACE that is within you. It is truly a secret place of the MOST HIGH. YET every one is in the place when they shut their eyes, but very few know this yet.


I not only give you this knowledge and understanding of this, but to all who read this and used the knowledge that is given in these writings. To each, you will use the knowledge here according to how you use it. And your experience will all different in itself, but the end result that I have a people to express myself through to mankind.


          The Man of Light

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