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The creation is only referred to as AIN SOF, which means the infinite being, or simple, the INFINITE.

                                                                                          [ a quote from the book SEFER YETZIRAH]


AN INFINITE BEING, I AM still glad you are thinking about that because there really is NO LIMIT to you. You have NO BOUNDS OR BORDERS - NO BOUNDARIES. You are inexhaustible; that means you can't run out of what ever you are, because I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME AND WE ARE ONE. You are VAST! Think about it. It's just an ETERNAL BEING, an INFINITE BEING. YOU ARE LIMITLESS. And if you take yourself out of this body, you would find that you would blend in with all of creation. Like that circle you did where the I AM and then turn around and put a little dot [.] in there and said, THIS IS THE ELOHIM, ONE OF MANY THAT MAKE UP THE WHOLE.


Yet this ego is being done away with. You know that it is. Yet you don't know to the depths of how much he has been dissolved. Just by what you do each and every day brings your mind to a place of no thoughts - STILLNESS. Coming into a place where I can talk to you in a pure way, a purer way that there is no mixture of the self. And yet it's becoming purer and purer and purer.


You know the word in you is pure water. Like 98% pure water. And the 2% still contaminated, polluted of the thoughts of the carnal mind.


Yet I speak to you about yourself as a spirit enmity. A SPIRIT BEING, AN INFINITE BEING.  You know, one who is created in the image and likeness, an ELOHIM OF GOD. In this INFINITE BEING there is no lack or bounds. Hear what I AM going to say, It's extending beyond measure and comprehension of WHO AND WHAT YOU REALLY ARE, as a spirit-being, that MAN OF LIGHT. It is endless, immeasurable. Can you see what you REALLY ARE IN SPIRIT?


Let Me Be allowed to give you understanding into this. IT'S VERY GREAT. IT'S VAST, IT'S IMMENSE, and IT'S INEXHAUSTIBLE. Maybe you ought to take this definition and begin to look up works and allow me to expound on this. I mean, SPIRIT BEING, you spoke about it as THE BREATH being associated with the I AM. The I AM is associated with the source of life, that INFINITE BEING that you are - THAT MAN OF LIGHT!


You just don't know how powerful it is as you go out and meet new people who say that they believe in me - as the man Jesus. But then you go and tell them immediately is good. This is what I want  that I AS GOD dwell in EVERY CELL, MOLECULE AND ATOM in their body. Oh, they say they know this, but you say, No you don't; and I know they don't. You are just in the very first stages of discovering this of yourself, AN INFINITE BEING.


I really want to open this up to you, an infinite being that dwells in EVERY CELL OF YOUR BODY, lacks no limits or boundaries, extending beyond measure and comprehension of what dwells inside of this body. It is endless and it's immeasurable; even though it is this physical body. You would think it's limited. BUT IT'S NOT! It lacks NOTHING!!! And it has NO LIMITATIONS or no BOUNDARIES. It extends beyond THIS FLESH  BEING.

                        This section of this word is associated with the tropical storm that hit Florida last year 2008 tropical storm FAY]


You have asked a question, what does the tropical storm FAY  means that has been  hovering down over Florida and the VORTEX of that tropical storm means?SIMPLE! It was there to let you see how you created this vortex around you of energy. Because remember, spirit is energy. and as you have spoke out of the I AM THAT YOU ARE, you have created a large amount of energy around. And have you notice that this vortex never became a hurricane. But it was strong in itself packing 50 miles per hour winds, bringing large amounts of rain, lighting, and thunder, and even a tornado and water spouts being triggered.


So what does this mean to you? Or to those who hear this word? It's simple; Hear me! It means that the winds topped out at 50 M.P.H.. So this speaks of an anointing. So is the number for the anointing. 50 is also the number of jubilee-releasing. This vortex is going to release you off of the dependence of the natural world that will bring you into this unlimited realm of spirit. Do you understand this yet? What I AM saying is it's going to bring you into experiencing the infinite being that you are. It's going to expand beyond the measure of your own limitations of your mind that you hold right now. It's beyond your comprehension, I am speaking in a way that you could possibility understand what I AM saying. Because this vortex that was demonstrated in the natural over the state of Florida brought RAIN. What is RAIN?  RAIN is that of spirit . It brought LARGE AMOUNTS OF RAIN. Over 30" in certain areas. So this means there is going to be expancitual expansion of MY WORD coming to you out of this VORTEX. Do you understand what I AM saying? I told you that this whirlpool, this vortex would bring everything to you. It would be money, it would be food, it would be clothing, it would be shelter, it would be people. It would also be spiritual wisdom, knowledge and understanding to the word, the RAIN that has come out of this vortex in Florida. And the twisting of the tornado's signifies the twisting of the carnal mind, not only in you, but also in all those who experience this vortex.


Look at the book-THE NEW EARTH, Eckhart Tolle talked about helping a woman get free from her pain body, and yet that pain body, that vibration and frequency was released out of that woman traveled into that restaurant and it manifested in another person.


So this is a kind of things to see that what you are stepping into you have stepped into a new dimension of spirit. You are going to take many into this dimension of spirit. This is A FORERUNNER, someone who experiences some thing  before any body else. But YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE. There's going to be many forerunners in the days ahead manifesting with this truth. Do you understand?


This vortex also represents entrance into resurrection life; an infinite being, lacking nothing! Has no limits or boundaries.It's endless, it's immeasurable, it's inexhaustible, it's immense. In other words, this thing is BIG!!!! hear what I AM saying. This ALL IS IN YOU, in your cells, molecules and atoms.


Isn't it interesting that I AM taking you back into the mystery of the Crystal river, the water? You are made up of 70% of water. Didn't I teach you how to speak into your waters of you drink? You know, LET THERE BE LIGHT, speak over the waters of your being. LET THERE BE LIFE. LET THERE BE LIGHT. Let there be understanding; let it come forth!


You are in your season of the feast of tabernacles. The feast of tabernacles is the beginning of the RAINY SEASON in Israel. Hear what I AM saying, the vortex in the natural realm in Florida had an exceeding amount of rain. It had winds of 50 M.P.H., it had the WIND OF THE ANOINTING. It had the wind. Do you believe the releasing of you from the carnal-ego mind.


THIS IS A NEW. There is NO PRESENT MOMENT THEN NOW! It must manifest IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT. This PRESENT MOMENT IS ETERNITY. You already live and walk IN ETERNITY. You do not have to die physically to GO INTO THE ETERNAL REALM. The only thing that has to die is the ego man, the carnal mind which is the illusionary character that you have created.


It is written in Psalms-THAT WHEN A MAN DIES, SO DOES HIS THOUGHTS. Well this ego carnal man died 2,000 years ago. Don't you think it's time for him, his thoughts to perish? He stinks!!! He is corrupting and he is decaying. So LET HIM GO. He STINKS!!!! Let him deteriorate. Let this new man, this MAN OF LIGHT that you are, this INFINITE BEING of light COME FORTH! You know- LAZARUS COME FORTH! And the servants that I have will take off the grave clothes off of your mind and your body.  And you will begin to experience that changing of the body; going back to the day of your youth where your flesh will be fresher then a child.


Truly resurrection life that is already in you is also the regeneration and rejuvenation of the body; the mind being renew by as you LET GO and allow me to put my thoughts to you. This is all I have to say for now.



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