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I Am going to teach you about the number 70  that represents the Hebrew letter-AYIN, which represents the eye; the ability to see is to understand and see what you see. How you were taken to the number 17 which leads you to the 17th Hebrew letter which is the PEI. And means the mouth. So the road to 17 gives you the victory over the mouth of self.The1 plus 7 =8, the NEW BEGINNINGS that is declared out of this number.


The darkness of your mind is closed as you let go of your thoughts and shut the voice of this minds mental images. Could you believe that this place of darkness that is the HOLY OF HOLIES is MY MIND, that mind of GOD, the I AM OF YOU is the mind that is all. This mind that has no limits or boundaries to what it know knows. The creation you photographs is my mind you see my creation through - the eye that is in my mind.


You know what i have shown you about the inner being as you close your eyes, you are dwelling within your booth. But you also are in THE MIND OF GOD, which is dark. Yet filled with the knowledge of INFINITY. It is here that the treasures of  Darkness are here.  So to with the hidden riches within this vast, infinite darkness within as you close your eyes, shutting off the outer world to the inner infinity of this mind. But the only thing is this this, to understand this infinite mind of being in that conscious awareness of existence as spirit being. You truly must have control of your own thoughts no matter how good or how holy they seem, you must be willing to LET THEM ALL GO. I have given you the ability to do so. And you know that is true.


Now in the words that you are working on as an INFINITE Being of spirit is what I AM now showing you in a way that you can understand. This infinite being exist as it does as being, but when you look through your windows of your eyes into the outer world. You as BEING are still infinite. But you are aware of the body that clothing that gives you expression  of your BEING as infinite. It's your perception of this body as physical that puts a limitation of what you think you can or can not do with it. Do you understand what I Am saying to you at this moment?


But when you shut your eyes, or shut the door to the outer you enter into your real self as BEING. But UNTIL YOU LET GO OF ALL YOUR THOUGHTS, you will NOT understand this DIMENSION OF YOUR BEING. For once you shut the door, then you need to stop all of the mind chatter, and enter this (MOST) HOLY PLACE of darkness. For the LIGHT that I AM is hidden in this darkness. In this place of being you will begin to understand that there is no time and space. It is all in this moment of RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW. With that you begin to understand your self as an eternal being with no limitation and boundaries in this darkness , there is no limits to where I can take you; for you are in the infinite mind of GOD, That mind that was in me as CHRIST JESUS. Can you begin to understand this quote now, AS I AM SO ARE YOU IN THE EARTH.


Yes, it may be dark in this place, and you can not comprehend the vastness of this darkness, this void, the emptiness of NO-THING. What is wonderful, the ego?carnal mind can not form any image of this darkness. Yes, I dwell in this place, this dimension. You could say that this is the fourth dimension. And I AM the one who gives LIGHT to this dimension, not you through your imaginations. But I can come and open you up to the LIGHT that I AM in you as you.


Now as I speak this to you, I want you to know that there is not you and me. What I am showing you about you is you AS I AM. Because I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME, And WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME.  Remember the word "SAME" means identical and equal. As you are in this place of darkness of your being, you are in me and I in you. Because this darkness is the place OF SPIRIT. Yes, it is your dwelling booth and it is the HOLY OF HOLIES; but it is infinity itself and it is NOW! It has no beginning and it has no end. It has no father nor does it have a mother. this is the power of an endless life.


I want you to put this word with the ones on INFINITE BEING. because I AM describing myself as I AM< as you. You and I are ONE AND THE SAME. I AM this infinite being that is you. and when you shut your eyes you enter into this infinite realm of eternity that  is here and now. this is infinity, the BEING OF YOU. As a spirit BEING with your eyes close you are NOTHING that is neither this nor that, BUT YOU ARE!!!! BEING! AS I AM SO ARE YOU THIS EARTH.


This is not for the religious people. This is for those who are COMING INTO THE LIGHT OF RESURRECTION. It is in this darkness as I open the LIGHT WITHIN, that I will RESTORE ALL SPIRITUAL TRUTH TO YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS THAT IS ALL.


Even though I AM opening your mind to this darkness, this MOST HOLY PLACE, your conscious awareness is still not open to you yet. your consciousness when opened is the eye of GOD that is opened, and you begin to see once more this eye. It is here that you see through this only mind that exist. the intelligence that is in this mind. Restoring this mind is the opening of the grave of your mind to the LIGHT of resurrection life.


There is so much more to be opened unto you about this inner dimension of darkness, as the infinite mind that I AM in you. This is the mind that is written about, LET THIS MIND BE IN YOU THAT WAS IN CHRIST JESUS. As you are ready, I will keep expanding on the knowledge of this booth that is a SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH.



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