THE LAW OF LIBERTY


                                                                   JAMES 2:23-24




YOU SEE THEN HOW THAT BY WORKS A MAN IS JUSTIFIED AND NOT BY FAITH ONLY.It is also written that you are justified by faith, and not by works of the flesh. There is two kinds of works, those of flesh, and those that are by the spirit are you justified. Now the works of the flesh are all those projects and programs of organized religion. They are man's ideas to do what ever to that local assembles.


But you see that a man is justified by works. But it is the works that"I" have instructed you to do. Do you understand this? You do what I have asked you to do you do BY FAITH. It is written, ABRAHAM BELIEVE GOD, and it was IMPUTED OR COUNTED UNTO HIM FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS. He believed what I told him that word spoken, that inner dialogue voicing itself within itself. I as the word to him even appearing as the word-THE WORD OF THE LORD CAME UNTO ABRAM IN A VISION!


Now what I AM getting at is this; the word of the lord that you write-DO YOU BELIEVE IT? IF YOU DO THEN FOLLOW THROUGH WITH WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO. If you believe it as true, then THIS IS THE WORK OF GOD, believing and doing. Just let me say this to you about this- DON'T GET DISCOURAGED BY IT, OR THE DELAY OF IT OR HOW IT TAKES. If I have instructed you to abide in your booth or your temple, then this is doing the works that I give you; you entering into a journey of light. By your work you do to gain entrance- YOU ARE-JUSTIFIED by it with the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE- AND THE HEAVENS ARE OPENED TO YOU, OR A DOOR INTO HEAVEN IS OPENED UNTO YOU.This is the kind of works that you WILL BE JUSTIFIED by, and not by the works of man's Mind. I promise you that you will not be disappointed if you keep going forward. Build an expecting, LOOKING FORWARD TO IT HAPPENING. Because if you didn't believe what you heard, you wouldn't  put so much effort in BEING QUITE. BEING is the key to open the LIGHT in you.


See even as I speak to you about this, you can see that I Have given you a great mystery about the fulfillment to the feast of tabernacles: dwelling in your booth, to enter in- you go into your booth by closing your eyes. it's this place of darkness is who I AM AND I AM THE LIGHT. Darkness and the light are the same to me. See you do this work that i have given you, so that by your works you are justified. And doesn't it also say that, if you are justified it also says that HE WHO IS JUSTIFIED IS ALSO GLORIFIED?


LIKEWISE ALSO WAS NOT RAHAB THE HARLOT JUSTIFIED BY WORKS, WHEN SHE HAD RECEIVED THE MESSENGERS, AND HAD SENT ANOTHER WAY. FOR AS THE BODY WITHOUT THE SPIRIT IS DEAD, SO FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD ALSO. This is why I ask you, do you believe the word that I speak and you write? Because if you do and you do what I ask- then you do it in faith because you believe my word. It is here that you are justified. And from justification you come into glorification.


If you do this and let go of your thinking- to be in stillness and silence of the MOST HOLY PLACE did the HIGH PRIEST goes into this Most secret place. He had a golden censer fill with the smoke of incense. In the Most Holy Place was the ark of the covenant. It was dark UNTIL THE SHEKINAH GLORY fill this sacred place. This is that Dark place of your mind. The HOLY OF HOLIES was dark until; you abide in your booth in your temple in the secret place of the MOST HIGH SUPREME BEING. you are a priest FOREVER AFTER THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK. So you don't know what awaits you when you- not so much come to the light- but perceive what you dwell in as darkness; and know that out of this darkness that you observe will come great LIGHT.


this is why the scripture in James came out at you,AND HEIRS OF THE KINGDOM WHICH PROMISED TO THEM THAT LOVE HIM. To them that loves me as I AM, you will Inherit the kingdom- that Christ consciousness- in fact you are beginning to see this conscious awareness as BEING or EXISTENCE. this is where the LIGHT will manifest is right in this moment of darkness of your BEING, your existence that is right now right now.  SELAH!!


This is the work of GOD, THE WORK THAT DOES NOT PERISH. It doesn't matter how long it take you into this place; but in all ways it puts the responsibility on you who has received this knowledge; even to those who hear and read these words you become responsible for this word is meant for one thing and IS FOR THE FULFILLMENT OF THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES. Flesh does not glory in it because it is meant to dwell within- taking away the works of flesh, But you still must deal with the mental images that come from your own thoughts. you get get better in controlling your own thoughts, each time you have a period where you were absent of thought. Just let me say not going to tell you to let go of your thoughts. To have your old thoughts come back in to occupy your mind again, only an a worst state. No, I would not do that if I haven't already occupied this place of your BEING. I AM bring you up in consciousness. Yes, you could say you are starting to ascend in consciousness.


How is this for a bible study by the spirit? So many of my people are caught up in works, but its their own works, and no directed by  the spirit. The work i give you to do in observing your feast of tabernacles,so that it may be experienced within you is something not too many understand that this feast must be fulfilled from within, alone.  Yet  when it is  fulfilled it will be omnipresence- meaning every where and at all times am I here.


The true work of GOD is to believe on him that he is sent. So it is by works that you are justified. But  you believe my word to you as Abram did and it was counted as righteousness. So in doing this by dwelling in your booth, you are justified. And in dwelling in your booth you will be glorified!


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