THE MATRIX OF LIFE


THE DISCOVERY OF BEING CONSCIOUSLY OPENS THE DOOR TO NOTHING LESS THEN YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO TAP INTO THE SAME POWER THAT DRIVES THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Discovery of being? It is a discovery to find yourself, and why so? Because one's mind is so full of self or their own thoughts that they don't understand themselves as BEING; or as existing as BEING. You know, you are not this nor that. But YOU ARE! As I AM- so are you in the earth.


The discovery of being consciously opens the door in to opportunities into the vastness  and greatness of this power of BEING. It is this same power in you as BEING that drives the whole universe. As you BEING or existing as spirit, you discover that you are far greater then the man of flesh that you thought yourself  as the man that you created your self to be.


WITH A SMALL SHIFT IN PERCEPTION about your self you begin to live and move and have your BEING in this powerful force as I AM.


Now I told you that you were not born, but that upon conception of the egg in your mother's womb you entered into that egg and began to make this body for you as a spirit being. Then when you were finished with your body, you entered into the MATRIX. The matrix is all around you. It is the outer world that has been pulled over your eyes. You remember that something like a veil was put over your eyes, and everything from that moment on went dark. Their was no more light. You began to except what you saw. And that once your eyes were covered over you  became a slave like everyone else who came  out of their mother's womb into this matrix. A prisoner  like everyone else; a prisoner of your mind. And haven't I told you that you were a prisoner of your own mind? Now I come to open the door of your self made prison and set you free from your own mind.


You have been living in a dream world. This is the matrix. It is all around you. You know as you were driving here, I had you hold your mind still as you were driving, And the longer you held your mind still, you were drawn into your self, and you were seeing as it were on a screen. It did not seem real to you. And it wasn't. this is why when you shut your eyes and have nothing in your mind, you only experience yourself as BEING. And I AM BEING!


The matrix is a system; and that system is your enemy. The matrix is the world. It is a system of ideas and thoughts that have imprisoned your mind to this outer world. It seems real to you, doesn't it? But then I ask you as I did when you watched everything go by you as you were driving; is this real or is this memorix? This matrix system says you have a beginning and you have an end. It educates you in how you should think and act. It watches over you to make sure you live by it's rules. It controls you in how much wealth you will  have; and it teaches you that sickness and disease is part of this system of thinking. It wants you to think in term of age, young and then growing old where you you lose your so-called vitality. The whole matrix system is the law of sin and death. You have been living in a dream world. Is this so hard to believe?


Through out your life you have had brief moments where nothing seem real. Just like when you were driving here. You realized that what you were seeing through your physical eyes was being viewed from within. It was like you experiencing a video game. This makes you wonder about allot of things, doesn't it? You have been living in a dream world. Adam went to asleep, but he never woke up.


Have you wonder why you are here? You are here to save the world. As it is written, AND SAVIOURS SHALL COME UPON MT. ZION TO JUDGE THE MOUNT OF ESAU. This matrix system of thinking that is flesh. The mount of ESAU is all flesh. I have told you that THE FATHER HAS GIVEN YOU POWER OVER ALL FLESH - THOUGHTS!


Could it be that the resurrection is an awakening out of this dream world call the matrix? You know, that I have been speaking to you about the recovery of spiritual truth, and who you really are. AND SAVIOURS SHALL COME, AS I CAME THE FIRST TIME TO SAVE MAN FROM HIS SINS, SINS THAT WHICH FALLS SHORT OF MY GLORY, THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS THAT I CREATED MAN IN THE BEGINNING. But it also is written, THAT ADAM BEGOT-A SON-IN HIS OWN LIKENESS, AND AFTER HIS IMAGE. Right here is the beginning of this matrix world of illusion because if you look at the world, every man and woman form their children in their own likeness and after their image. In the  matrix system all men are created alike. But in this resurrection you begin to see that you were created in my image and likeness which is spirit being. Isn't it interesting that you have found yourself, your true self as BEING, spirit that you are an infinite being with no limitations or boundaries. But living in this matrix system you are an finite being, a human. This is Adam begot in his own likeness, and after his image.


The matrix system is not real. But you will have to make a choice of will I  go on and answer this calling to save this world. For I as JESUS only showed you the door. Now you have to walk through it. This is why I said of myself that I AM THE DOOR, an entrance into another world. AND BY ME as the pattern, IF ANY MAN ENTERS IN, HE SHALL BE SAVED. That is delivered out of this matrix system of sin and death. AND HE SHALL GO IN AND OUT. This is the Melchizedek priesthood that shall go in and out. For he has the ability to minister on both sides of the veil, just as I did  after my resurrection. I appeared and disappeared at will. But I also went into the other side and lead the captives free.


What are you waiting for? for I am trying to free your mind. I AM only showing you the door, that hole that you see with clouds around it. You are the one that has to walk though it. Just remember that the door is the opportunity that is given unto you to enter in. To you and many like you, this is your last chance or will you be like your love ones who breath has left them. This is kind of hard. But this is why I have sent you into the world of this matrix system. You can wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want. But all I AM OFFERING YOU IS THE TRUTH. Is this so hard to believe? More important is WHEN YOU BELIEVE IT IS FIR YOU, You will follow on and begin to obey my instruction to you which is, LET GO OF THE WHOLE THOUGHT SYSTEM THAT THIS MATRIX SYSTEM HAS TAUGHT YOU TO BELIEVE IN. Free your mind because I have given you this ability to do so. For I AM  trying to free your mind from this matrix illusion. YOU HAVE TO LET GO, THE FEARS, THE DOUGHTS, YOU JUST BELIEVE. FREE YOUR MIND! Will you do this? And can you do this?


Don't worry about it; you are in control of your own life. You have to make a choice; for you must believe that I AM THE ONE! AND IF I AM NOT, THEN I AM JUST ANOTHER MAN IN THE MATRIX SYSTEM. YOU  HAVE TO MAKE THE CHOICE. As it is written, that MANY ARE IN THE VALLEY OF DECISION.




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