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Because if you can understand that "I" am you and you are me and we are ONE, then you can begin to understand the resurrection. Because if I AM you and I AM the RESURRECTION and the LIFE, then what are you? Are you not the LIGHT? Are you not my LOVE? Because I AM all of these things. I AM LIGHT! I AM LOVE! I AM POWER! I AM AUTHORITY! I AM TRUTH! I AM!!! Everything that is LIGHT is TRUTH. Everything that is truth is spirit. Doctrines isn't going to teach you this! But the relationship that I have with you in spirit in your being is what is going to release this power of resurrection. This is what is going to transform your body that you can come and go as the wind.


See, I come with a word to say that the resurrection is the next event. It is the REALIZATION OF LIFE ETERNAL- NOW! And it will happen in a moment. It will happen as a corporate body, and it will happen individually. All it takes is one to enter into this LIGHT, and he will bring all in; just as I entered into LIGHT, and I ascended unto the Father; and I came back as the Holy Spirit upon my disciples, and I opened them up to the power within themselves.


And you know that by the writings that comes out not by the christian world, but through those who are outside of the camp of Christianity. There were those who were able to attain the resurrection life. They went with out taking their physical bodies to the grave. But they were able to have their bodies transformed into the fashion of my glorious body.


This is where I AM going to be glorified in you, because you all know that there is something within your own being that says that you need a healing; you need to be made whole. Well' I AM your wholeness, and in resurrection you will be made whole. Holiness is wholeness, HEAR THAT! Resurrection brings back holiness; it brings forth wholeness! its purity! This is where I ask you to LET GO OF ALL OF YOUR THOUGHTS: EVERYTHING!!!! Just let them go. Let me sift your mind. Let me bring forth the purity of my thoughts within you. This is going to be the day where your thoughts will create immediately. Even your words, and this is where I got to teach you to speak dif-

ferent, to speak different, and to act different. Everything is got to become different. It will change when the resurrection manifested.


This is part of the feast to be fulfilled is the resurrection. And you will find people who will come here. And they will confirm this word. And this word becomes confirmed you will begin to enter into the reality that I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME and WE ARE ONE. And it's not going to be an individual things, it's going to be a corporate body. I AM telling you when this corporate body stands up in the earth; the earth is going to shake; because the powers of darkness that has ruled this earth with the LIE, THE LIE! THE LIE! The lie that was conceive in the garden is going to be destroyed. Hallelujah!!


You are a people who have been chosen. You have a destiny to be fulfilled; and that is to allow the resurrection to be birthed forth out of your inner most being that you can be clothed in light. Because in the resurrection you will be clothed in LIGHT. Immortality is LIGHT. incorruption is LIGHT. Truth is LIGHT. Truth is light. Love is light. These are the garments that you are going to put on. these were the garments that was put on the high priest before he went into the HOLY OF HOLIES.


Yes, this is my gathering. It is different every night, isn't it? But I AM telling you, it will birth itself in this place. And you will find many who come here have a word, but have been persecuted. and they have had tribulation, because they have walked in the truth. And they have not been able to bring forth this truth out yet. But it hasn't been time until NOW! but it is going to come forth now.


This is the reality of CHRIST in you being birth - the resurrection. This is what is going to open your mind. Because in a moment of realization comes. That is your mind. And it is going to be so strong that the LIGHT of it is going to blind whatever you thought in the past. That's why I say that whatever carnality is in your mind is going to be gone. It's to be washed away. Because it says it this way in 2 thess., that the MAN OF SIN that sits on the throne of God right not in the body, in the temple; he will be destroyed by the brightness of my coming[ presence], Hallelujah! That is going to be the resurrection. IT'S THE LIGHT THAT IS COMING!


Yes! Hallelujah! I AM giving you now understanding into this! For these are the keys that are going to open up the door to you; that door in your mind that needs to be unlocked.The door that was opened in Revelation 4 to John; and the trumpet said,' come up here and let me show you the things that are going to come. That trumpet was the last trumpet blowing. That's the trumpet that is sounding. It's saying a it opens the door in you and the LIGHT of the resurrection comes into you; it's going to say," come up here! Let me show you the things that are going to come to past.


You're going to walk in who you really are. I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME, AND WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME. The same as equal and identical in nature. It is something that you have not really contemplated. We are identical! Equal! That is what it meant in Philippians, that I walked being equal to god. I didn't think it was robbery; because I knew who I was, and AM. You will know who you are too. Already some have a degree of that understanding of that reality working in you NOW. But wait until the fullness comes, then you can stand up and and say, I AM THE LORD, and there is no other. I AM the truth! I AM the LIGHT! I AM THE LIFE! I AM THE  RESURRECTION; I come to set you free. I come to set you free! This is the word of  the LORD in this hour. IT'S RESURRECTION. I AM going to burn this in your heart. It's going to drive you INWARD!  you are going to want to know the reality of this. This is where the greater works are going to come; this is where you are going to raise the dead! Those who are dead to the reality of me in them. This is the dead that has to be raised. 

So be blessed with this word. Let it work within you. Let it burn within you. Let it stir you; let it open the door of LIGHT and truth and life and love. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

John Rojak
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