Ray and Avis Bazzill

Our main focus in this hour is to make known to people their true identity, and to share the things about our true identity that Father has revealed and made known to us. 

True freedom comes with knowing "Who we are", "Where we came from", "Why we are here", and "Where we are going". Learn to listen to and trust the Spirit of Truth that you have inside you. Let it be your teacher and it will guide you into all truth.

      There is a people today that have been prepared to hear the sounding trumpet of this day, and the sound that is coming forth will open the ears of many others. It is the sound that will unveil the Father in each of us.

      This is the generation that has been appointed, prepared, and ordained to bring forth the Melchizedek priesthood. That priesthood is the city that is coming down from Heaven and the nations will walk in the light of that city.

       This is not something that will happen someday or somewhere, but it is happening NOW .

Let us walk and BE who we really are.

Christ Fellowship International
  Ray and Avis Bazzill