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New Day Thinking

The hardest thing for the body of Christ to comprehend is we are a part of Christ.    So when the word says it is the Revelation of Jesus, it is also the Revelation of You.  When He died, you died, when He rose, you rose.  Know ye not you are the Body of Christ and members in particular.  1Cor. 12:27.  So when we read scripture we should take what the word says as part of our experience in our walk with the Lord.

REVELATION=Disclosure, an unveiling in your mind.  Jesus says to be  "Born again" to SEE the Kingdom of God.  Deliverance or Salvation comes as we walk with understanding as we rise from babes to Fathers, on from carnality to spirituality.


After this, I looked and a Door was opened in Heaven:  This door is the opening of the CHRIST MIND  into your Heavenly mind, the Greek word heaven (ouranos) = elevation.  .  In the spiritual, heaven is the abode of God (an elevated state of mind).   I must be awakened to Spirit to understand the door is Christ, and Christ the access to the Father, thus coming into an elevated state of mind.  And the First (foremost) Voice (idea of disclosure, a tone, a vibration) which I heard was as it were of a trumpet (idea of Quavering or Reverberation) talking with me:  which said "COME UP HITHER" What this is saying to the Body of Christ is  "get out of the earthly, natural, way of thinking and become elevated to the Christ thinking."

How does this happen?  Well, the first or foremost thing is to realize that humanistic religion (man made rules, regulations) will not bring you closer to the Father.  You may experience great music which elevates your emotions into what is called worship, and that is good, but the true worshiper is one who bows his WILL to a greater ONE, prostrating his will to HIS WILL.  Yes, Lord, not my will but yours is done.  This is when you hear the call of the Christ in you  "COME UP HITHER"

There comes a time in your growth when those around you may not be able to answer your questions, and your heart is crying out "I know there is more" I realize you must be under governors and tutors till the time of your showing.  There comes a time to get off the milk and start understanding the meat of the word.   A baby cannot grow mature on the milk; they must change their diet.  Many stay on the milk too long and become captivated by humanistic religion.  Rituals that go nowhere, still remaining in the fear of everyday life, never overcoming, never realizing WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST.  A powerful loving Son of God sent here for the benefit of others.

This is the time to move on and upward.  Walk on the water.  Take your eyes off of man and look only unto HIM.  He will put those in your path that you are ready for. He will give you your answers.  So let's Come Up Hither that the Spirit of Grace may show you WHO YOU ARE IN HIM, and also of things that you are being prepared for.

As you move out of the box of religious mentality, your brethren may question your walk and your new teachers, just listen to the Holy Spirit within you and stand firm.  Your brethren may even think you are in danger, or that you are being deceived.  Deep within you, you know that this is not true.  It is all part of your growth. Remember, my trust is in the Lord and He will lead me to all Truth.

As for the accuser, Satan, the earthen mind, remember what Jesus said.  "HE CAME AND FOUND NO PLACE IN ME." &  "GIVE NO PLACE TO THE DEVIL."  Satan only has as much power as YOU GIVE HIM.  Jesus defeated him at Calvary.  Jesus said " IT IS FINISHED" It is now time for us to stop using Satan for an excuse and as someone to blame.  Jesus said, " I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.  He only works in your earthly thinking; get him out of your heavens.  Jesus also said, " Get thee behind me Satan, you savour  not the things of God, but the things of men. (Mark 8:33)  As for me and my house we are going on to know the Lord.  It was rough on Peter when the Lord said that to him, and it will be the same when a brother or sister may try to hold you back with fear.

Discerning of spirits is a gift, to discern the spirits (attitudes) that come out of the mouth of a person, for out of the mouth the heart speaketh, thus showing you the condition of the heart (soul of man).

So my dear brethren, let not anything or anybody cause you to hold God in a box of religion.  Once several years ago God spoke and said to my wife "you have me in a little box, open it up and let me out."   So I say to you, UP, UP, AND AWAY TO HEAVENLY DIMENSIONS.

                                                                               Your loving brother in Christ,

                                                                               Pastor Nicholas Kurusis