Once someone makes the discovery of who the Creator of All is and that He actually loves you, not because you can read it in Scripture, but in the reality of it, it becomes almost impossible to remain silent concerning it. It is knowledge that must be shared with anyone who will listen. That is the purpose of Life Givers, to preach the Gospel (Good news) to all that will hear.  

Several years ago the Father showed us the real meaning behind the passage in Luke 4:18, particularly about “recovery of sight for the blind.” We were led to know that it was “spiritual” blindness was being referred to. We have both had a hunger for the truth of the word as the Holy Spirit imparts it to out spirit. While we cannot declare that we “have arrived” at the completeness spoken of by Messiah (Mt 5:48), we do sincerely believe that Father is preparing a people who will, by the power of the Spirit, grow up into Him in all things. Our main purpose is to help Christians who are discouraged and want to go on into the reality of things of the Spirit. We desire to help people get beyond Calvary and progress on into the most Holy place. 

We desire to see the glory of the Father manifested in the whole of humanity. After all, the Messiah died for all mankind, not just a select few. We desire to teach people to look for the Christ within and allow Him, through Holy Spirit, to bring about changing each of us into His image.

 Anything that we publish may be copied for ministry purposes without having to contact us for permission, provided that you do not edit or sell for profit. Freely we have received, so freely we give. 

We are not affiliated with any denomination and we are not looking to develop a following of our own. 

We are also available for ministry to any size group. 

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