The Authority of the Believer

There has been a lot of talk about the authority of the believer for years.The believers are the most authoritative people on the whole earth.However Godís true authority will only come out of the Priesthood.We will never have Godís authority in the right way, until it comes out of the Priesthood.The authority of the believer is His life growing and maturing in you that produces the Kingship which is His authority.

There has been a lot of teaching coming from the Word and Faith movement on the authority of the believer. The problem with this is we take a bunch of spiritual babies that lack maturity and teach them they have spiritual authority. A spiritual baby has the potential of having spiritual authority but it must come from one who has some maturity in the things of the spirit. We used to try and pull down principalities and powers in high places and we did not even have Christ truly living in us except as a doctrine.

You can take a child and teach him he has all the ability of His Father, but he must mature in life before he can do what His Father does. My Father was a coal miner.When I was a little guy, I had all the potential of growing up to be a coal miner.if my daddy would have set a full bucket of coal at my feet when I was 3 years old and told me to carry it off, I couldnít have done it.I had the potential to do it, but I couldnít have carried that bucket of coal.

Because of a lot of misunderstanding, immature spiritual babies pick up on spiritual teachings, and try to be adults, and they get in a whole lot of trouble.We are spiritual babies trying to heal the sick and cast out demons and all kinds of things that only the spiritually mature can do. They can do it because they will not do anything until the Lord speaks to them and then the sick is healed and all manner of God ordained things begin to take place. One of the greatest spiritual healers of all time was William Branham. However he never spoke a word of healing until he heard it from the spirit.

The point Iím trying to make is this:Before we can ever operate effectively in Godís authority, we MUST grow up in His life.We must become a priest that has been filled with the presence of God, and bare His image, and THEN we will exercise the Kingship or the authority.

A priest is one who bears others in the presence of God.APriest, in the Old Testament went into the Holy Place, and he prepared the Show Bread table, he lit the Lamp Stand, and he burnt the Incense.

Show Bread representing Jesus as the Bread of Life. The Lamp Stand representing Jesus as the Light of Life, because whenever you eat the Bread of Life, which is the Living Word of Life, the entrance of the Word brings light.

Heb 8:5 Moses was admonished of God when he was about to make the tabernacle: for, See, saith he, that thou make all things according to the pattern shewed to thee in the mount.

The Old Testament tabernacle was only a shadow of the true tabernacle which is mankind. So the Old Testament priest would go into the Holy Place to show us by type the reality of a New Testament priest which we all are.

The Holy place today represents someone who has been regenerated but still lives mostly by their carnal mind. We go to church, love listening to preachers; some speak in tongues and worship God but still mostly live a natural carnal life. When we realize there is more than what we have been taught in Christianity we begin to hunger for more truth. We then as a priest can begin to minister to our soul. As we begin to speak and declare the truth of our being we are eating the show bread and as we eat the living bread the word we speak brings light to our soul and we then begin to experience the transformation renewing of our mind.

We then begin to function as priests bearing others in the presence of the Lord. When you see a brother or sister who is having a difficult time you can then help them. We can sit down with them and begin to feed them the Living Word from our spirit and as we begin to share with them, the word we share will begin to light the light of life within them. We then can burn the incense at the Alter which is to pray with them. May we all spend time in the presence until we rise up as priests of the Melchizedek Order. We now know who we are, a people without beginning of days or end of life.