Living as Jesus on the Earth

The only way that the church will become a habitation of God in spirit and be built up a spiritual house, is that we need in our daily life to assimilate the Bread of Life into our being. To meditate on these things will renew your mind so that you begin to put on the mind of Christ. We have the mind of Christ and as our minds are renewed we begin to operate from that mind.
The Word became flesh. The Word which is the expression of God, the light of God, the glory of God, took on human flesh and tabernacled among us. Christ is not the last name of Jesus. The Christ that followed them in the Old Testament was not Jesus but The Christ. In Isaiah 9:6 A child named Jesus was born of Mary but the Christ, the son was given. Jesus knew his true identity was Christ and that he could not do anything of himself, in his human identity. In Galatians Christ is called the seed.

This Christ seed is in all of us and as this seed begins to awaken and function in us we then begin to live as Jesus did while he was on earth. No amount of teaching, or spiritual Gifts will ever make you a habitation of God in the spirit. Many of Godís people are fooled into thinking that because a leader has spiritual gifts he is spiritual and they follow him. Many people are deceived when they begin operating in the spiritual realm with spiritual Gifts thinking that that makes them somewhat mature in the things of God. You may operate in the realm of the gifts and still be carnal. I am certainly not against spiritual gifts but if the gifts are operating in our life that is a wonderful thing but we must not settle for just having spiritual gifts. If one is truly spiritual the gifts will flow from them but they will operate in such a way as to not bring attention to themselves. This is why Jesus when he healed someone often told them to tell no one.

When we become a habitation of the Spirit of God, when spirit so saturates and permeates our mind with the life light and love, our carnality will just fall away. When we receive the Living Word and enjoy the spirit in our daily lives we will grow up into him in all things. This is not a quick fix but you will be transformed from one degree of glory to another day by day.