Mistaken Identity

God is establishing His Kingdom in the earth. In Genesis, we see that God created man from the dust of the ground. The Kingdom is now being established in our earth. We are not waiting for anything to happen except the Kingdom becoming more and more manifest in our lives daily, from one degree of glory to another. The days of waiting for God to appear are over. God is appearing within us.

"For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death" (Rom. 8:2). This has been a really precious scripture to me for many years. Man has two Laws that he lives by. He is either living by the Law of the Spirit of Life thatís in Christ Jesus, his true identity, or heís living by the Law of Sin and Death, which is the law of the Adamic life, which is his mistaken identity. The Law of Sin and Death is your carnal mentality and your carnal understanding

We are birthed into this carnal Adamic realm of life as mortal people, not really knowing where we have come from, who we are, what we are here for, and where we are going. So because we do not know, we take on the false identity of an Adamic life. This Adamic life has a Life Law, and this Life Law is one of Sin and Death. No matter how much Adam wants to be godly, no matter how many times he goes to church, no matter what he does, Adam is under the Law of Sin and Death, because Adam is definitely in a mistaken identity.

The Mixture of Pentecost

Today we are beginning to minister from the realm of Tabernacles. We are not ministering from the realm of Pentecost, because Pentecost represents the Holy Place. In the Holy Place there is both you and God. The Holy Place is that period in our lives when we recognize that God is in us. We have the living God of the universe in us, but there is also the false sense of the ego or self life. In other words, Pentecost is a mixture. In Pentecost, I have had my eyes unveiled to the reality that God lives in me, but itís still me and God. In my temple is both the Adamic consciousness and the Christ consciousness. The Adamic consciousness is under the Law of Sin and Death. When I begin to see that Christ is really in me, then the Adamic life in me wants desperately to continue on to perfect Christ in me. I know God is in me and I have somewhat of an understanding of what it would be like to fully manifest His life because we have a type in Jesus, so I set out to try to reproduce in Adam what is in Christ. And so, even though I have Christ in me in the Holy Place, itís still a mixture.

In the Holy Place, we can feed on Christ. As we feed on Christ, we have the light of life, and itís a wonderful experience, but itís still Adam and Christ together in one temple. Today, we have entered into Tabernacles. We may not be fully expressing what God is, but we have crossed the threshold. We have left Pentecost and we have entered the realm of Tabernacles.

In Pentecost, you are still fighting devils, you are still battling the flesh, you still have sickness, death, and disease. Itís all still there in the realm of Pentecost because itís still a mixture. But once you cross the threshold and you begin to enter even in a small degree into Tabernacles, the Most Holy Place, there is nothing left but God. In the Holy of Holies, itís no longer me and God, it is no longer Adam and Christ, it is only Christ.

In the Holy Place, I can taste deeply of His riches, and I can try to be conformed to His image, but itís still Adam trying to be as God. In the Holy Place, we learn to feed on the Bread of Life until the Adamic consciousness is swallowed up by Christ. Then we are ready to enter into Tabernacles.

The Abundant Life

When I enter into Tabernacles, the Holiest of all, the God of glory appears, and in that place there is no Adam. In Tabernacles, Adam is fully dealt with. There is no more desire or ambition. In the Holy of Holies, there is no desire for personal gain, there is no ambition to be something, because the Adamic consciousness is gone. We no longer desire to be or do anything but the will of the Father.

As long as you desire to be something, you are still in the mixture of Pentecost. Adam, the carnal human consciousness, is always doing, planning, and organizing, trying to produce the Kingdom of God in the earth through carnal means and methods.

In Tabernacles, you do not try to do or become anything, you just are what you are. In Tabernacles, we are seated with Christ in a state of being and consciousness, so we just live by Christ without trying to do anything. Christ is not worrying about how to establish His Kingdom, and neither are His sons. He is unfolding within us, just as a flower unfolds to reveal the glory of the flower. There is no struggling, no striving, there is just a state of being and enjoying life. This is the abundant life that Jesus taught us that He came to give.

The Human Ego

Some of Godís people are hearing this message of Tabernacles with Pentecostal ears. Somebody said to me recently, "You cannot hear the message of Tabernacles without the ears for Tabernacles." God is replacing our limited human consciousness with our true consciousness, which is Christ. If you are not able to accept the fact that you and God are one, you are still in Pentecost, and it will be hard for you to hear this message. Jesus taught very plainly that God and man are one (see my book, The Oneness of God & Man).

We need to have the veil lifted from our eyes, as the apostle Paul prayed so many, many years ago (Eph. 1:17-19, see also 2 Cor. 3:12-18). We need a revelation of Christ within us. Then we need to discern the difference between the Adamic consciousness and the Christ consciousness.

Most of Godís people today do not realize that the human ego, the carnal consciousness, needs to be totally consumed by Christ. Christ is our true identity, not the human consciousness. The Adamic consciousness is what keeps us bound and limited. The carnal consciousness knows that it cannot possibly live as Jesus lived on the earth. The human consciousness cannot possibly multiply the loaves and fishes. Yet because we do not realize that we are living by a mistaken identity, we keep trying to perfect the Adamic consciousness in us. Because of our false identity, we feel condemned, because we cannot do that which we know deep inside of us (our Christ consciousness) we should be able do.

The Apostle Paul prayed, "That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him: the eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power" (Eph. 1:17-19).

When your eyes are opened to see that Christ is your true identity, then you realize that all the struggling you have done in Adam is to no avail. You then can focus your attention on the reality of the Law of the Spirit of Life within you. This is much more than head knowledge. I knew for years that Christ was in me and the Law of His Life freed me from the Law of Sin and Death, but I had very little experience. This is a progressive revelation. The more you turn your attention away from your Adamic consciousness and focus your attention on Christ within, the more you will experientially walk in the Spirit.

Jesus is the door to show us the way to the Father. As the door, He is the example to demonstrate to us the way to our true identity. He used the illustration of the vine and the branches to show our oneness with Him. The vine and branches have the same life. The life of the vine in us is our true identity. Jesus had a human consciousness, but He realized that He could do nothing of himself but only that which the Father willed Him to do. He lived by His divine consciousness, not from His Adamic consciousness. He knew that as a man He was limited, but as the Son of God, His true identity, he could do all things.

God is so purifying the hearts and the desires of His people that they no longer want to do anything that is not of God. The Law of Sin and Death is simply where our carnal nature is still, in some degree, operating in our life. Every time that our carnal nature has a godly desire, the Law of Sin and Death has to come into effect, because the Adamic nature has to be brought to where it is utterly destitute, like Paul, when he cried out, "Oh wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from this body of death?" (Rom 7:24).

The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus (our new nature) supercedes the Law of Sin and Death (our old carnal nature). Every life has a Life Law. Adam, our carnal nature, has a Life Law that constantly brings us into sin and death. Just like a bird sings and flies, and a dog barks, because it is their Law of Life. You cannot defy a law unless it is superceded by a higher law.

Take the law of gravity, for instance. You canít defy the law of gravity. If you get on a building and jump off, the law of gravity is going to pull you down. You cannot live out of Adam without the Law of Sin and Death pulling you down. I donít care how strong your desires for God are, I donít care how bad you want Adam to be conformed into ChristóHe cannot be! The law of his life will continually pull you down when he tries to be godly. It was designed that way, because in the Tabernacles realm there is no place for carnality, none! Even in the Old Testament, it said, "No man can see God and live" (Ex. 33:20). The moment that Christ begins to appear within you, you see that Adam is dead. And when you realize that, then you understand the scripture that says, "And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming" (2 Th. 2:8). He destroys that Law of Sin and Death that is continually pulling you down and not allowing you to operate in the realm of spirit. The Law of the Spirit of His Life raises you above the Law of Sin and Death. The only way you can defy the law of gravity is to get into a higher law, the law of lift. An airplane can defy the law of gravity. When you begin to enter into Tabernacles, the Law of His Life supercedes the Law of Sin and Death.

Our True Identity

Who are we? Thereís a little confusion about this, because some people are not hearing this message with Tabernacles ears. Theyíre hearing people say, "We are God." Whenever Adam, (our carnal nature) says, "I am God," that is the abomination of desolation. Whenever self sits in the temple of God, declaring himself to be God, it is blasphemy.

However, if you enter into the realm of Tabernacles, and God fills the temple with His glory, and you come into that place where the apostle Paul says that the Church, the body of Christ, is the fullness of Him who fills everything, everywhere with Himself, please tell me, who are you? Can you hear what Iím saying? If Adam no longer motivates me, if Iím not driven by the natural desire to be godly, if thereís nothing in me any longer that tries to be godly, but I simply rest in His ability to do that in me which I cannot do, and He begins to replace all my good, carnal, natural desires, He begins to replace everything with the Law of His Life, and He fills my temple with Himself and His glory, then who am I, what is my true identity? This is what we are coming to. This is what the world is longing to see, God manifested in humanity. If you donít see this, youíll go to the grave waiting for the Sons to be manifested.

You have to understand that you are not a carnal human being. You must understand that if you still see you and God as two separate beings, then you are living in a mistaken identity, like it or not, accept it or not. Please do not turn off what God can do for you because of your Pentecostal mindset and attitude. Of course, in Pentecost there is still us and God. Pentecost is where we discover that God is in us. When I was living fully in the realm of Pentecost I could see clearly there was me and God.

However there are times now when I walk in Tabernacles and Iím in that realm where there is nothing but Him. I can walk into that realm and I can see that the work is finished, there is absolutely nothing any longer that I need to do. I donít need to be anything, I donít need to aspire for anything, I just need to bask in the presence of my God. And in that realm, Gary (the carnal nature) doesnít exist, in that realm the carnality of man has been fully put to death. When we stand manifesting the glory of God, who are we? Of course, the carnal mind may get in here, and of course we have people running around saying, "I am God," that are no more walking in the reality of Tabernacles than someone in the outer court. But just because someone else is running around claiming to be God does not mean that you cannot have the ability and the understanding to walk into that realm of Tabernacles where there is nothing but God.

For years, some of the Kingdom and Sonship preachers have been telling the world what God is going to do. Jesus said 2000 years ago (if you can hear it), "The kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:20-21). Those who heard entered in, and those who didnít hear were waiting for something to happen. Because we havenít understood the message of the Kingdom, Adam has been trying to build the Kingdom of God for 2000 years and has done nothing but made a miserable, mockery of the Kingdom of God. Flesh and blood cannot and will not ever enter into the Kingdom of God.

You know, this is such a message of rest and relaxation. Christianity takes a dog and tries to make him into a man. Christianity for years has been trying to teach Adam how to be like God, and all the time our true identity, who we really are, has been covered over with a veil of trying to make Adam perform according to godliness.

The Law of Sin and Death is so prevailing in our churches today. That system, the systematized theology of our day, is absolutely under the Law of Sin and Death. The Aaronic priesthood ended at the Cross. The veil of the temple was rent at the Cross, yet today people are waiting and waiting, and praying and praying, and hoping and hoping to someday go beyond the veil, when all the time itís been rent wide open, and just a little bit of faith and a little bit of understanding of your inheritance and who you are in Christ will cause you to enter in.

I am not Adam. Adam will never be worthy to enter into the Holiest of All. Adam is dead. In reality, he is not even there. Thatís why so many ministers today are calling it mistaken identity. If you are still functioning in the Adamic life and you are still living that life of trying so desperately to be godly, always trying to make yourself better, always making resolutions, always confessing your sins, you are living in a mistaken identity.

Let me tell you something, there is a life in you that has never known sin. There is a life in you that has never known death. There is a life in you thatís called eternal life. Itís not something you got when you were born again, itís something you had before you were born and forgot.

We are not Adam. We are not a human race of people trying to be godly. If we are, we will go to the grave. I tried for 13 years to make Adam godly. I never succeeded even a little bit. And even if I could, even if I had the strong willpower and the character to make Adam into what religion says is a good Christian, what have I gained? Thatís when I would stand before God and He would have to say, "Depart from me, I donít know you." Good person, of course! Go to church all the time, read ten chapters a day, pray for an hour a day, pray in the Holy Ghost for an hour a day, and God would say, "I never knew you."

How could that be? Well, the only way that He can know you is to become you. Itís an intimate, intimate knowing that He uses in that phrase, "Depart from me, for I never knew you." We cannot know God until, at least in a small degree, He becomes us. Then we begin to understand the spiritual truths that have been hidden in the Word.

Men think they can have Bible classes and teach people how to operate by Kingdom principles. It doesnít come by teaching, it comes by revelation. Teachers have been trying to teach people how to set the Kingdom of God up on the earth for 2000 years, and it doesnít work. No matter how good Adam is, no matter how much Adam wants God, you put him in the role of leadership, whether it be in the church or in the community, and there are still some hidden agendas, there are still some hidden motives, there is still some self-seeking and self-gain, and it corrupts. A little leaven corrupts the whole.

You must realize that you are not Adam, you are Christ. This is the true understanding of Hebrews 4:12, "The word of God is living and operative, even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit." When I first began to understand these truths, God began to show me very clearly the difference between Adam and Christ. Once I had an understanding of the father-heart of God, which is never, ever condemning, it helped me deal with the Adamic nature.

The only thing that God ever does is pour out His love and His correction. The only thing God does is to bring us more fully into an understanding of who He is in us, not who we will become. You see, you will never become anything in God, but He will become everything in you.

There are a lot of people running around trying to become godly, some even declaring that they are God, or they are Christ. You have to be in the right realm to see this, or at least you have to have a vision. Many people today are seeing this, but they wonít cross over. They say, "Brother, itís blasphemous for you to declare you are God." Well, I agree with that, and I donít say Iím God. But I do say this: If Adam is replaced, and God has filled me with His life, and when we come together we express, as the Word says, the fullness of Him who fills everything everywhere with Himself, if I am not Christ, then who am I? Can the Body be of a different nature than the Head? The greatest problem in the universe is manís mistaken identity. Yet people hear this with Pentecostal ears and they feel that itís New Age, or they feel itís seducing spirits.

No Fear

Listen, as long as youíre still in fear, of any kind whatsoever, whether that fear is for yourself, or for those you are ministering to, or fear for the young ones in the Body of Christ, as long as you have fear of any kind, you have not yet entered into the realm of Tabernacles. You have not yet seen that God is all in all. You have not yet seen that "Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world" (Acts 15:18). You do not understand that He truly is the head of all principalities and powers in heavenly realms and earthly realms, and above the earth and below the earth, and in the sea and under the sea. You have not yet seen that He is Lord of all, because if you do, you no longer have any fear. If you have fear of being deceived and fear for others being deceived, you donít know the fullness of Godís love. Known unto God are all of His works.

Because I have been an avid seeker all my life, I have seen deception. Yet God used that very thing to teach me some things and give me some understanding that I would never have received anywhere else. Even deception will work to your good. Do you think that God birthed you into the world and then just left you alone to work yourself into whatever you needed to be? I know that before my feet ever stepped on this earth, God had a perfect plan and purpose for my life. Not for Gary, not for that identity that I picked up at birth, not really knowing who I was. He has no plan for that. It takes several years of His dealings and workings until you realize that is what you need to let go of. Those who are living by law and will power are afraid to let go of Adam, because they think that if they let go, if they donít keep Adam in check, then they are going to backslide and go out into the world and do some things they shouldnít do. I understand that, because Iíve been there. But until you let go, youíll never know if God is able to keep you.

You have to understand what Iím saying here. If God has really called you (and He has), then youíre going to go through some of the most horrible fires of tribulation. You are going to be molded to such a degree that sometimes you will despair of life itself. There have been times in my past when I wished, literally, I could die, because I was on the potterís wheel. There have been times when Iíve said, "God, if when I was a young Christian I could have had the vision that I have now, I wouldnít have had to suffer so much." And itís not even that I wouldnít have had to suffer so much, but I could have done it in joy. But see, weíre short-sighted. Scripture says that Jesus endured the Cross because He saw beyond it (Heb. 12:2).

Today, God is giving us a vision beyond the realm of Pentecost, and we know that He is drawing, He is pulling, He is wooing. And as He draws us into the realm of Tabernacles, imagine what itís like not having the Law of Sin and Death operate in you anymore! Can you imagine that? Perhaps God speaks to you about a habit in your life and you simply drop it, not having that pull of the Law of Sin and Death on you any longer. Thatís what Tabernacles does for you.

But see, God wonít bring you into that realm until the Potter has finished His work, because Adam cannot enter into Tabernacles. In the Holiest of All, in the realm of Tabernacles, there is nothing but God. Now, Iím not telling you that Iím fully walking in Tabernacles and thereís nothing of Gary left, but Iím telling you that more and more, day by day, there is less and less of my carnality.

Iím so glad that today there are multitudes of people who are hearing and receiving and understanding and walking toward this revelation because of the day we live in. There have been many people for many years, even in the days of Jesusí time, who heard this message and entered in. But today we are at the end of an age. What we called the Church Age, the Pentecostal Age, has ended, and we are walking in Tabernacles.

Walking In Tabernacles

Now you say, how do I know if Iím really there? You know! You know whether youíre just being religious or whether, at times, you can sense the fullness and the closeness of God. There are times when thereís just God in you, there is not both Adam and God. God is producing sons on the earth, not someday, but today.

Every time I get the opportunity to minister to people who are believing in the manifested Sons of God, I always say that if today you are not manifesting, at least in a degree, the Son of God, youíll go to the grave and never be a manifested Son. You donít have to wait for this, folks. This is not something to be waited upon, itís something to enter into. I walked in this to some degree 20 years ago, and itís why today I can say that God has wrought such deliverance in my life.

There was a time when I used to go to people who had great deliverance ministries, and Iíd want them to cast the devil out of me. Boy, that would be nice, if you could just cast this thing out of you. That doesnít work, itís not that easy. You canít cast Adam out. In reality, Adam is no more. Children that are being born today in the earth are going to begin to be taught their true identity. And thatís when youíll see the children stand up, and they will sound like the wisdom of the ages.

The reason that God has not brought some of you into this is that He hasnít got you to the place where you are willing to lay down every one of your agendas. If you want to have a ministry, if you want to be a speaker, if you want to be an author, if you want to be anything, you are not ready for God to be all in all in you. That has to be a working of God, because Adam will never want to give up totally. You canít come into this thing wanting anything for yourself. But if youíll understand what you are going to get on the other side, then anything that you might want now will seem absolute dung compared to what you will have when you enter into Tabernacles.

There are no personal agendas in the Kingdom of God. I tell you the honest truth, and I mean this with all my heart: I donít care if I ever give another message. I donít care if I never write another book, I really donít, because Iím satisfied. Iím satisfied with the substance of His life that has grown in me. That is my satisfaction. And so no matter what Iím doing, Iím going to be happy. If Iím writing a book, if Iím giving a message, if Iím traveling, if Iím sitting at home, or if I lose everything, nobody can take away from me that substance of His life that I enjoy. Thatís why weíve heard of renowned men of the past who could sit in prison singing songs and rejoicing, because Jesus Himself had placed, through His words, the very substance of His life in those men. Their happiness came out of themselves, not out of what they could be, not out of what they could do, but out of the abundance of His life that He placed within them.

You may feel that God has given you a ministry, and of course you want to fulfill it, but you have to realize that if that is really true, then God will bring it to pass. The moment you put your hands on it, you defile it, absolutely defile it. If God gives you some understanding of Tabernacles and begins to pull you into that area where there is nothing but God, youíll be more than happy to lay down your personal agendas. You see, thatís the only way any of us can do this. First of all, God has to give us a little understanding. We have to understand some of this terminology today, because words paint pictures. I can use the word "consciousness" in some circles, and people think New Age, God consciousness, one world order, one world government. But see, we have to quit hearing with natural ears and understanding. If you are hearing me with natural ears itís not going to help you, not one bit. If every word that I speak to you is absolutely from the throne and the heart of God, but you are hearing it with natural ears, it will do you no good. The most it will do is stir up the Adam in you to try to be better.

The prayers that the apostle Paul prayed, I have prayed for years. "Lord, open the eyes of my understanding. God I so desperately want to see into the realm of the Kingdom." Isnít that being done today? The eyes of the blind are being opened. The eyes of the spiritually blind, those who sit in darkness, those who are bound in religious traditions, their eyes are being opened. Those who have heard words like this for years and have heard about the Kingdom of God can imagine what it would be like, but theyíve been blinded and deaf. Today, the eyes of the blind are being opened and the ears of the deaf are being unstopped. Those who are sitting in religious dungeons and traditions are beginning to see and hear. And then what happens is, the lame begin to walk.

There was a day when I heard this message from God, and could not walk it. I was lame. But today, the lame are beginning to walk. Today, the Adamic nature in Gary still isnít walking in thisónever could, never will. But today Iím walking in Christ. I no longer have this mistaken identity, thinking that Iím a carnal man, that Iím just a human, that I just have a human life, a good life, as a good person, now. Today, I know who I am. I know as sure as the apostle Paul could say those words, "It is no longer I, but Christ" (Gal. 2:20). My friend, if you canít say that, then you are living in a mistaken identity, like it or not. Itís no longer I, and if you canít say that, then you donít understand the gospel, you donít understand the very basic principles and concepts that Jesus taught.

Every one of us, when we come into a revelation and an understanding of who we are, can say as Jesus did, "Do you want to see God? Do you want to see Him manifested? Come and live with me for awhile." Will you see someone who doesnít make mistakes or someone who never misses God? No! But, I guarantee you, if you come and live with me, youíll see God manifested. Youíll see how we operate ministry.

My wife and I have given much of our lives helping men build their kingdoms. We literally have worked 14, 15, 16 hours a day, working to build other ministries. And because our hearts were to serve God, then even though we didnít understand that we were helping men build their own kingdoms, we have been abundantly blessed in our life. Do we have a lot of money? No! But we have everything we need, and we are now sending thousands of Kingdom books and tapes all over the world every month. There is no lack in the Kingdom of God. We know that. If the money ever stops, then I will know that God wants me to do something else. And to be frank with you, what we are doing now is a lot of work. If God wants to take me in another direction, thatís fine. But we are so happy. Our household is ecstatic every day.

I had a minister call me here recently, and he said, "How do you do what you do? How do you offer to give away all of this stuff? We tried this a few years ago and we couldnít make it, giving the stuff away." Well, this wonít work for everyone, and the reason for that is, the principles are going to work, but if you are not doing what God wants you to do, then the finances are not going to come. That is your protection. If I think that God is sending me to Africa, but I have to go raise the finances for it, then I shouldnít go.

Itís only been since 1995 that I have been introduced to all these other ministries that operate this way. I didnít know there was anybody else that operated like we didóJ. Preston Eby, Elwin Roach, and others. There are so many men and women in the earth today that are operating in the realm of the Kingdom. These ministers will never ask you for money, yet they will freely share with you any books or tapes that they have produced. They will never try to build their own following or their own kingdoms, but they are helping thousands of people to learn how to truly live in the Kingdom.

I was in Elwin Roachís home a few months ago and I wanted to make a phone call, and as I pulled out my calling card, he said, "Brother, donít do that." I said, "Elwin, I donít want you to pay for my phone call." He said, "Gary, thereís only one treasure house. The same God who pays your bills pays my bills, donít you believe He can pay for that phone call?"

This is Kingdom, this is what our hearts have longed for year after year after year. And itís here. Youíll find some of the most precious people, if you havenít met them yet you will be so blessed by people who are not manifesting anything but Christ. And folks, this is something Iíve said for years, you had better be careful if you are going to let a man teach you and minister to you, youíd better be careful and know that heís a godly man. Because, like it or not, men who believe what they say will reproduce in you that which they are. We are so blessed today to have so many ministers who know their true identity and can reproduce Christ within those they minister to.