Entering Into Tabernacles

What Iím seeing more than anything else in these days is that there is coming such a change and such a transformation of our mindset. Weíve heard a lot about the three Feasts, and we all know that Godís final plan or destination for us is that all of us would be brought into the realm where we can live, move, and have our being in the Holy of Holies. But for that to happen, there are so many things in our minds and in our belief systems that have to be changed.

Now I know many of us are excited and think we have it made because weíve come a long way. We are not in the old religious system anymore, weíre not in an old, cold, dead move of God anymore, but there is still so much of the Adamic mindset that we carry, and before we can walk from the realm of Pentecost, the realm of the Holy Place, into the Holiest of Holies, everything of the Adamic mindset has to fall by the wayside. You cannot become the presence of God on the earth and have Adam alive. I almost said you canít come into the presence, but we have to enter the presence of God for the change that must take place. To become the presence of God on the earth, to become a dwelling place where God absolutely, totally swallows you up, all of the human belief systems must fall away outside of the Holiest of Holies. The reason that we are not fully walking in and listening to our infallible guidance system (the Holy Spirit) is that we are still clinging to the old human beliefs and limitations and religious precepts and concepts.

There was a time a few years ago when I was in the deliverance ministry, and I saw demons everywhere. I canít tell you how many people I cast demons out of. Everywhere I went I faced demons. But listen, once you cross the threshold from the Holy Place and you enter in to the Holy of Holies, there is nothing there but God, absolutely nothing. And in reality, in the realm of spiritual truth, that is the truth. There is nothing but God! There is no more Adam to pull you down. There are no more devils who can defeat you. When you begin to enter into that realm, there is absolutely nothing that can hinder you or can stop you in any way from being able to do that which God has called you to do. But Iíll tell you, everything of the carnal natural mindset has to stay outside, it cannot enter into the Holy of Holies. You cannot enter into the Holy of Holies and look with the eyes of God and see evil. You canít do it! Godís eyes are too wonderful to behold evil. In the realm of Pentecost, in the realm of the Holy Place, in the realm where it was me and God, we saw so many other things. We see all of the evil in the world, we get into that action/reaction thing where you say something to me and I react to you, and the next thing we have is a world war. But once you enter into Tabernacles and you begin to see with the eyes of God, behold, all things are complete.

Brother Eby (PO Box 371240, El Paso, TX 79937) spoke in Alamogordo last July and his message was, "It is finished!" There is absolutely nothing that needs to be added to Christ, nothing. We have been so centered on our condition in the natural that it absolutely hinders us from entering into the land where there is nothing but God. Whatever you put your attention on, whatever you focus on, will be attracted to you. Years ago, I was focusing on my inabilities and focusing on my shortcomings and focusing on my habits and focusing on those things in my life that were not of God. I couldnít get away from them, they were all I could see, and the more I focused on them, the worse I became.

But then God opened my eyes and began to reveal to me that there is another realm. He said, "Come up just a little bit higher. Right now things are pretty good where youíre at, Gary. Youíre in a place thatís not a bad place. You experience My overcoming life, you experience casting out demons, you experience a certain amount of victory, but you still have double vision. You still see yourself as two beings, you see yourself on one hand as Adam, but on the other hand you experience My life in you. So come up a little bit higher." In the Tabernacles realm, the Holy of Holies, there is nothing but God. There is the Ark representing Christ, and in the Ark are the tables of stone representing not the law of God, but the character of God.

When you begin to enter into Tabernacles, what we considered the Ten Commandments become the Ten Promises. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. When you begin to enter into the realm of Tabernacles, you begin to look through the eyes of your Creator, and everywhere you look, you behold His creation. Many years before I personally experienced this, when I was still in a lot of bondage to the flesh, God said to me, "Gary, I do not look at where you are today, My eyes are too holy to behold evil. I do not see anything but the loveliness and the beauty of My life that I have placed within you." If you can believe that and if you will focus on that, you will begin to walk into the Holy of Holies. Whatever you focus on, whatever you put your attention on, is what you will become.

You Are Spirit

A verse Iíve been sharing over and over wherever I go is Zechariah 12:1. It says that the Lord stretched forth the heavens, laid the foundation of the earth, and formed the spirit in man. When I first saw that verse, it was like explosions going off inside of me. The Lord spoke within me and said, "This is the creation story. I formed the heavens, formed the earth, and then formed the spirit in man."

In John 4:24, Jesus said, "God is spirit." God formed you a spirit. You came out of the very substance of what He is. Adam canít comprehend that, because in our natural human Adamic life, the natural understanding cannot comprehend the things of God. We know experientially that there is no way we could take our carnal, Adamic nature and make it good. We can dress it up, we can make it look good, and if we have a good character and good strong self-will, we can stop sinning, but itís still Adam, itís still the nature of good and evil. You have to understand that God formed you a spirit before you ever became an Adamite. We are returning back to what we were really created to be. Your eyes are being unveiled to see that you are not a carnal human being, you are a spirit.

Paul told the Corinthians that you (the Church) are the Christ. Well, what does that mean? We know that the word "Christ" means "anointed". We are Godís anointed on the earth. Iím not Adam and you are not Adam. We are Godís Christ upon the earth. Thatís hard for some to hear, and thereís a lot of confusion when that is heard. I think we are hearing it wrong. People are not saying, "I am God," but what we are saying and what people are beginning to realize is that Adam (their Adamic nature) is a human. Why is he a human? Because he had a natural father who gave him birth.

We inherit from our natural fathers, all the way back to the original Adam, everything that we are in the natural. We are human because we have life in a human nature. Religion has done nothing more than to try to teach and to make the human man godly. Whenever the human man, Adam, stands in the temple of God declaring himself to be God, thatís the abomination of desolation. So weíre not saying, "I am God," but weíre saying this: Just as I am human and I inherited my human Adamic life from my earthly father, so now I recognize that my father is God. So what does that make me? Not only is He my father, I was created out of the very substance that He is. So therefore, in reality, if I am living in the Adamic nature, I am living in a mistaken identity. I donít know who I am, I donít know where I came from, and I donít know where I am going. And so I keep trying with the help of religion to make Adam better so he can someday enter into the Kingdom or die and go to heaven, rather than simply realizing that I am not Adam, I am spirit.

This is so scriptural, there are loads of scriptures concerning this. Paul said that Christ was the fullness of God, and he said (speaking to the Church), "You are complete in Him" (Col. 2:9-10). If something is complete, it doesnít need any more work. Whatís happening to us is that we are realizing that the work is finished, and now comes the unveiling. If you donít realize that the work is finished, youíll keep trying to make Adam better. The work that God has done in us is complete, and Paul told the Ephesians that the Church is the fullness of Him Who fills everything everywhere with Himself (Eph. 1:23). You are the fullness of Him. But who is he speaking to? Not Gary Sigler in the sense of the Adamic life and nature. He is speaking to Gary according to the Spirit, because my true identity is spirit.

As a spiritual being, I have all the attributes, all the characteristics, of my father. Therefore, everywhere I go, I manifest what He is. If I truly understand and begin to live according to spirit, I donít have to try to be godly. There isnít one day of my life when I wake up and think that I have to live some special way. I just get up and I just am, because I realize that I am not Adam, I am Christ on the earth. You canít get out of Adam until you realize that you are spirit and that you are complete in Him. There is nothing you need to add to Him, you just need to be unveiled.

Most people know about a man by the name of Michelangelo who was one of the most famous sculptors who ever lived. He would take a block of marble and from that marble he would produce a statue that became world renowned. When they asked him how he did it, he said, "When that block of marble is in front of me, David is already there. I just chip off the part thatís not supposed to be there."

Thatís what God is doing to us. For years, we were taught that we had to die to the flesh, and we tried. If you want to know the truth, you can only get life out of life. Jesus said, "I am come that you might have life" (John 10:10). Itís the life in you that pushes out death. If you never experience life, you canít get rid of your death. But if you receive life, then it is said, "Even when you were dead in your sins and trespasses, you were made alive" (Rom. 6). There are multitudes of people out there who, in the eyes of their own senses, are dead to God. Totally dead men have no awareness of God. But he said, "Even when you were dead in sins, you were made alive." Thatís the message we need to take to the world. I donít think anyone needs to be told any longer how sinful they are. But they do need to have revealed to them what their true identity is.

God created you spirit. Remember the parable of the tares and the wheat? God sowed some precious seed in the ground. Well, what are we? We were formed from the dust of the earth, and God sowed some precious, precious seed in His ground. Then the enemy came and sowed some tares. You see, weíve always had an outward vision, and weíve always thought that tares were the evil, horrible, unsaved people, and we were the wheat. But we were the field that God sowed His lovely, precious essence of His spirit in. Then along came the enemy with the Adamic life. And so for many, many years, through generations and generations, both the wheat and the tares have been growing in the earth. Today is the time of harvest when the tares will be gathered into bundles and burned. Do you feel any heat in these days? Itís a wonderful analogy when you realize that the flaming sword was only to keep Adam out, the flesh, the carnal mind, the carnal man. And so today God is just unveiling us. Relax! Many, many changes begin to take place in your life when you begin to enter into Tabernacles.

God says, "Come up higher, I want you to enter into a realm where there is no death, no demons, no sickness and disease. I want you to begin to enter into this place where there is nothing but God." When you begin to enter into that place, your life changes so drastically that, at times, you feel like youíre backsliding. This happens because not only do you lose the bad Adam, you lose the good Adam.

Sowing and Reaping

You canít imagine how much Adamic, carnal stuff we do in Pentecost. We take something that was written 2000 years ago and tell everybody, you just read it in here and go do it. And weíve got the craziest teaching about tithing. We are taught today that if you give to my ministry you can reap 100 fold. Weíre told that if you want money, if that is your need, then the only thing you can sow is money, because every seed produces after itís own kind. So if you need money, the only thing you can do is sow money, and it has to be into my ministry. (I never heard any of these guys tell you to sow into somebody elseís ministry. Iím sure some of them do, but I havenít heard them, and Iíve heard the best.)

But let me tell you what Aaron & Bonnie and Carol & I are doing, we are sowing books. Right now we are sending out around 4000 books every month all over the world. I donít need any more books. So if that principle was always true, that you reap what you sow, how many books would I have coming back to me? I donít need books, I need money to produce the books. And so Iím sowing books, and Aaron is sowing books, and Carol is sowing books, and we are not reaping books, we are reaping the finances to produce the books.

Seeing With Godís Eyes

You cannot put God in any kind of a traditional box, He just doesn't fit! Almost  everything in Pentecost that we did was such a mixture, and it was so carnal.  Our praying was carnal, our worship was carnal. Now I=m not saying it=s bad,  it=s so often just carnal. And I=m not saying we shouldn=t do it, it=s just that there=s a better form of worship than carnal platitudes. So you begin to enter into the realm where God says there is nothing here but Me, the work is complete and there=s nothing here to do except what you hear Me speak to you.  Try only doing those things that God speaks to you to do.  It is not always easy. We generally don=t think much about it when we read that Jesus only did those things He saw His Father do and speak what He heard Him say; but when it is required of us, it is sometimes very difficult.   

God has severely tested me in this. I=ve had people come up to me and ask me to  pray for them, and I have had to say, "I=m sorry, I can=t." For you see, I did not hear a word from my Father to do so, although in my humanity I wanted to pray for them.  There have been  periods, not forever, mind you, but periods, when God said, "I want you to put down the Bible and I don=t want you to look at it for now."  Although the Spirit very often quickens things we read from the Bible, you cannot get life out of a book alone, regardless of its title or worldwide veneration.  The book can certainly speak to us when the anointing of the Spirit is joined to it, but we cannot take the Bible and make it a god.  As wonderful as that book is, it should never take the place of the living God in our lives.   

There is a brother in New Mexico by the name of Elwin Roach, who writes a series  called "The Pathfinder" (Box 4004, Alamogordo, NM 88311). Some of his stuff has  been such a confirmation to me. I went through fear over some of these things, like of putting down the Bible, even for a season, because I spent a lifetime studying the doctrines and the issues that are in the Word. I=ve studied almost all of the  denominations, I have studied on so many different issues, and the letter of the word, coupled with  my intellect, like with so many, had at one time become a god to me.  However, with His dealings with me, and showing me that without His Spirit, it is all worthless as far as life is concerned.  With renewed vision, and Him rising alive from those pages, I find myself in the Bible a lot these days.  It has become a New Book to me.   Nevertheless, there was a period of time when God was saying to me, "Put it down. You need to get to know Me." Some may find it hard to believe God would say such a thing; but if the Bible takes the place Christ Himself in your life, you may one day hear Him speak similar words to you ; for truly,  our God is a jealous God.  He will not allow His letter to us, as wonderful as it is, to forever come between Him and you.

Here=s something wonderful that Elwin wrote: "Isn=t is obvious that the Bible itself is a testimony that man lost his ability to see and hear God? Otherwise  there would be no need for it. For if everyone could see and hear God for  themselves, why would we need it? Why would we need a letter from Him? If we had  unbroken communion, why would the Bible be needed? It wouldn=t. For letters are  written when people are separated one from the other, not when they are  together." 

This man has the utmost respect for the Scriptures.  If you do not believe me, read some of his material, and you will see the wellspring of life that flows from the Bible into Him, or I should say out of him.  Again, Elwin has the utmost respect for the Scriptures,  and so do I. But that book is not God. When you enter the realm of Tabernacles, God strips you of everything.  No longer do you look out on the world and see good and evil, you begin to see  with the eyes of God, and you don=t see Christians and Buddhists and Hindus and  New Agers and Pentecostals, you see Christ.  I do not believe their doctrines which miss the mark of Life is Christ; but I with all sincerity can see the ungerminated Seed of Christ which John said was in every man (John 1:9).   Deep in the heart of every man,  whether he is kneeling before a statue of Buddha or he is in a Christian church,  we should see Christ (not in his rituals, not in his superstitious beliefs, not in his genuflecting to idols, not in his carnal religion).  We should peer by the Spirit, that which has lifted us beyond our carnal reasoning and limited vision, and see the seed of God that is buried deep within his human soil.  When we can do this, we can then minister to the seed of Christ within that vessel. We can water it and see it bud and come forth like the planting of the Lord  Oh my friends, God knows no such thing as bigotry, especially since His Seed resides within every soul, waiting to hear the voice of the Son of God and live.

I was taught as a young Christian that if a Jehovahís Witness comes to your door, slam the door in his face, because they are most persuasive. And donít talk to Mormons. But when you enter into the realm of Tabernacles you see nothing but Christ in His creation, and you can see a man kneeling before a Buddhist statue and see Christ in him. The Buddhists need to come out of Buddhism, the Hindus need to come out of Hinduism, and the Christians need to come out of Christianity (the man-made religion). We need to drop everything, and in Tabernacles you do that, you drop everything, and then thereís nothing left but God.

When you walk into that place where thereís only God, and see with His eyes, you weep for the condition of Godís people. They canít even get along among themselves. The Christians blast the Buddhists and the Hindus and yet, at the same time, the Pentecostals canít fellowship with the Baptists, and the Baptists canít fellowship with the Catholics. What is the difference between the Hindu, the New Ager, or the Christian? What is the difference, tell me? They are all lost in the Adamic mind, and they are all trying to get back to God through religion, which is impossible.

We shouldnít be condemning one another. The Kingdom of God, right now, is being established on the earth. Do you know what that is? Do you know what God is? We know this but we donít know this. God is love! God doesnít have a condemning eye for anyone. When you enter into the realm of Tabernacles, there is no way that you condemn another human being, no matter who or what they are. A couple of years ago, I gave a message on reconciliation, and somebody asked me, "Brother, do you mean to tell me that even a man like Hitler is one day going to be saved?" I said this, "When Jesus was on the Cross, He looked at the very men that had done those horrible things to Him and He said, ĎFather forgive them, they donít know what theyíre doing.í Do you think you could possibly find it in your heart to look at a man like Hitler and say, ĎFather, forgive him, he does not know what he is doingí?"

I hear all the time how the people in America have rejected God and I say, "No they havenít. They have rejected the concept of God which has been given to them." Nobody would see the loveliness and the beauty of my Father and reject Him. And if they did, the only thing that would happen to them is that His love and His correction would eventually cause them to bow the knee. You see, God conquers His enemies from within.

Ruling and Reigning

We have this carnal mindset about how Jesus is coming back and weíre going to reign and rule with Him for a thousand years. Do you think, my friends, that youíre going to legislate morality? And even if you did, would people really be that much different? You see, itís not legislating morality or changing the law that sets the Kingdom of God in order, itís the changing of menís hearts. If you have the traditional concept of ruling and reigning with Christ, in that regard you are most Adamic in your nature, because Adam always wants to rule over others. I think it would be said we rule and reign as Christ on the earth. How many can do that? Donít think that when Jesus comes back He is going to take a bunch of carnal Christians and make them rulers over the nations. Not a chance. As one sister said, "Get a grip." The only ones who will be ruling and reigning with Him are those who are reigning as Christ on the earth. He does not force His rule and reign over one single human being, he wins them through love. He defeats them from within and not from without.

When you enter into the realm of Tabernacles, you begin to understand what the apostle Paul meant in 2 Corinthians 4:18 when he said, "We look not at the things that are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal," which means subject to change. Everything that you see with your physical eyes is subject to change. The only things that are unchangeable and immovable are spiritual things. You must see humanity through the eyes of spirit. You must begin to look with the eyes of God to the unseen rather than the realm of the seen. Thatís why I say that no matter what condition I might find you in, I have nothing for you but good news, encouraging words, and a message of love from our Father. Iím not going to try to convince you if youíre a Hindu that my religion is better than yours. Forget it!

You probably know or have heard of T.L. Osborne. When he was first called to the mission field, he said, "I went over and I began to teach them that my God was better than their God, and that my scriptures were the true scriptures and their scriptures were the false scriptures. I didnít get anywhere."

How could I convince you that the Bible wasnít written by God? Who could convince you of that? So do you think that you can tell a Muslim that his scriptures are of the devil, but youíve got the right ones? He will say the same thing to you. So T.L. said, "Daisy and I spent months on the mission field, and came home beaten and discouragedówe were battered and we were hopeless because we could not convince people that our God was better than theirs and that our scriptures were true and theirs were false." He spent nights agonizing in prayer and in intercession, feeling like such a failure. Then God came to him one night and instructed him on what to do. "I got up and said, ĎDaisy here we go.í We went back to that country, following the voice of the Lord as He instructed me. The first thing we did was we said, ĎFind the most feeble, the most sickly, those in the worst physical condition you can find, and bring them to me.í And they did." Then he spoke a word of healing and there was instantaneous healing. He didnít have to convince people whose God was right. See, in the realm of Tabernacles, you can only do that which God speaks to you. Part of the training in Tabernacles is that you realize, more than youíve ever realized before, the awesomeness of your responsibility.

Jesus went through this. When He was twelve years old, He knew who He was. How do you suppose it affected Him to walk through masses of people from the age of 12 to 30, knowing who He was and the abilities contained within Him? Yet He dared not move until it was His time. In Pentecost, we get a gift of God and we run around using it on everybody who will listen to us. We get a little bit of discernment and we go tell everybody and we prophecy over everybody. Give me a break! Youíll never enter into Tabernacles until you have passed through Pentecost and gone into the Holiest of All. You talk about power. But you know what (and this is sad), I personally know some men that this has happened toóthat have come into this realm of this awesome power of God and have then used it for selfish gain. They havenít entered into the realm of Tabernacles. I sometimes share it like this: Your spirit is kind of like a magnet. Whatever you desire with all of your heart, you will attract to you.

Some of you may have read Stephenís Jonesí book, Hearing Godís Voice (Godís Kingdom Ministries, PO Box 3929, Batesville, AR, 72503), where he talks about the idols of the heart. You can want something from God so desperately, and get it, but totally miss God. Because of the circles I was in for a few years and the church that I was associated with, I came across and rubbed shoulders with some of the most famous men in Christian circles. I saw some that were very proficient in the gifts. They would walk up, having never seen you before, and they would say, "Your name is Bud, youíre from Spokane. You have a sister back in Kansas by the name of Sue. She has tuberculosis and she is taking (they name a medicine)." I have seen this time and time again. I have walked with some of these men, and Iím telling you, they are not spiritual men. They truly have a gift of God, and there are times I have been blessed with a word from the Lord. But the point I want to make is this (and we are all too well familiar with these verses), that there may come a day when judgment comes, and itís not necessarily after you die. There will come a day when God will begin to judge you, and begin to bring His correction reproof upon you. You will say, "But God, we cast out demons in your name, we healed the sick, we raised the dead," and you may hear Him say, "I never knew you." It took me an awfully long time to understand those verses, until I began to enter into the experience of Tabernacles.

God is bringing a people today to that place where we want absolutely nothing but Him. Isnít that a miracle? It has taken generations, we are on the shoulders of many generations of faithful men and women. We just happen to be here at the right time when the fullness of His presence is filling the temple. So, entering into Tabernacles, you will find that you will be stripped of everything. You may begin to have a period in your life when you canít even pray anymore. Have you ever been there? I have been, by the grace of the Lord, so diligent in seeking after Him. I would get up at 4am every day of the week to be able to have a minimum of an hour to seek God before I drove 45 minutes to work. Then I came into a period of my life when I just couldnít pray anymore. And then one day, a brother came up to me when I was experiencing this and he said, "God just spoke a word to me to give to you and He said, ĎI am going to take your diligence and turn it into My diligence.í" After a while, it just dawned on me why I couldnít pray anymore, because all my praying that I was doing was from Pentecost in the carnal realm.


Prayer is communication. Prayer does not mean that I just unceasingly talk to God. Prayer is an attitude. I began to realize what Paul meant when he said, "Pray without ceasing" (1 Thes. 5:17). I was trying to do that, but you see, itís an attitude. I live in a prayerful attitude all the time. In the realm of Tabernacles, you see that everything is of God. Thatís why you donít see good and evil anymore, you see everything is of God. So I began to realize that everything that came into my life that I used to think was demonic and evil and that it was the devil trying to destroy me through sickness and disease, I saw God open my eyes to see that, "Son, everything comes to you through the permissible hand of God." Until you hear that, and really hear that, youíll always be fighting demons, devils and everything else. But in the realm of Tabernacles, you see that "Known by God, all His works from beginning to the end."

Only God knows what it takes to bring each individual into a place where he will fully bow into submission. Only God knows what it takes to chip all the old dead marble off of the beauty that is on the inside. And now, I dare not say a prayer for anyone unless God speaks to me that it is time for their healing, time for their deliverance, time to speak this word to them. In Tabernacles, you must only do those things that you hear God speak to you to do, you must not pray for someone according to your concepts and what you think He told his disciples to do years ago. When this first began to happen to me, I didnít know how to handle this. I didnít have any wisdom at all, so the first time somebody came up and asked me to pray for them and I felt the check, I said, "No, God doesnít want me to pray for you." I didnít mean it wrong, but that was terrible! But you know, now, even if I know that God doesnít want me to pray, itís okay to pray.

Iím not saying itís not okay to pray for someone, but many times now when I pray for someone, I wonít utter a word. It is not necessary. Vocal communication in Tabernacles IS NOT NECESSARY! The only thing that is necessary is God in His Holy Temple. A simple touch, a simple smile, can do more in a moment than all of your carnal praying for God to move on your behalf. I like to say (although it doesnít sound very nice for religious ears) that thatís when I discovered that God was not some big Santa Claus up in the sky who rewarded me when I was good and punished me when I was evil. He makes His reign, His Spirit, His loveliness, His beauty, fall upon the bad and the good, the just and the unjust.

My prayer life has so drastically changed that I can honestly say to you that I never go to God and ask Him for a thing. Thereís a realm you begin to walk into where you realize that to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness is simply to have a heartís desire to be absolutely at one and in right standing with God. Now you may not be there yet, so itís a heartís desireóyou simply have that heartís desire. If you seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, all things shall be added unto you (Matt. 6:33). So if I find myself today in a kind of a lack, whether it be financially, whether it be physically, whether it be emotionally, it doesnít matter what it is, I simply realize that my Father has absolutely provided everything that I need and so my attention and my focus must not be upon the lack. The more you fight lack, the more likely you will enter into lack. The more you center and focus on Godís ability and Godís sustenance and God being able to provide abundantly above all you can ask or think, the more THAT will be your experience.

Proper Focus

Somebody said to me once, all you need to do is reckon yourself dead. Iím sure weíve all tried this. The more that I would try to reckon myself dead, the more alive I became. This is a principle, that whatever you focus on will be your experience. For instance, we have people today whose focus is on sports. Maybe itís baseball. I personally know people who know all the batterís names; who know their averages, who know everything about them. When they speak, baseball just flows out of them, and the more they speak about baseball, the more they fall in love with it. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. That principle applies spiritually in everything that you do.

I used to say things like, "God I know that when you come back Iíll still have a cigarette in my hand." I said that to God and meant it with all my heart, and yet I would try to quit. The harder I tried to quit, the more Iíd smoke. If you are a fat person and try to diet, you will eat more, because whatever you focus on becomes a stronghold in your life. Thatís why it says in 1 Corinthians 15:56, "The strength of sin is the Law." The moment you take the Law unto yourself, with your will power, to try to perform it, that gives it a stronghold in your life. The strength of sin is the Law. You try to walk according to the Law and you will give strength to your flesh. God will not allow the flesh to enter into the Kingdom.

People accuse me a lot of times of giving Christians a license to sin. I say, have you ever read Romans chapter 7? If any man ever gave anyone a license to sin, it was the apostle Paul, because he said that when I have a desire for God and I will to do what is right and I find that other Law working in my members and bringing me into the Law of Sin and Death, itís no more I that does it. Romans chapter 7 is a salvation to those who are in captivity to sin. Paul so very clearly and emphatically says look, if you have problems in the flesh, if you have a desire for God and you decide to do what is right and you experience that pull of the flesh and you fall into sin, it is not you. You see, Paul knew manís true identity. He said that it is not you, itís that sin principle that is operating in you. So you must focus on Christ within, not on the sin in your flesh.

When you realize the truth of Adam and the truth of your real identity, it brings you into rest. When your flesh gets out of control and you occasionally do things that arenít pleasing to God, you simply realize that that is not who you are. It is still that sin principle operating in you, and that will be dealt with as the Lord continually permeates and saturates your temple with His presence.

Do you know that the devil is a Pentecostal? You tell me what other realm you can get into today and hear so much about the devil. I have been in more Pentecostal meetings and heard more about the devil than I ever heard about God. For a long time I managed the Tree of Life Christian Bookstore in Eugene, Oregon, and the largest selling category of books that we had were books on demons and witchcraft and devils. What it was, was books trying to teach you how to deal with the devil. Iíd be a fool to tell you the devil isnít real, because heís running rampant in Pentecost. But Iím telling you there is a higher realm, and in that realm there is no devil. Remember the words Jesus said, "The evil one comes, but he has nothing in Me." The only place the devil can be real to you is that place he has in you. If he has no place in you (Iím not saying for everyone), then the devil doesnít bother you anymore. The devil never bothers me anymore. What I began to realize is that it is not the devil, itís my flesh that needs to be dealt with.

People call me and say, "Brother, donít you realize that Jesus cast out demons?" That still does not mean that thereís not a higher realm. Jesus met people in the place of their need. There is a realm where there is not devil or demons and all of this influence that can destroy you. It just isnít there.

We have all of these thoughts and concepts about what it would be like to walk in the Kingdom, but if you will walk in love, not just for your brothers and sisters in the Lord, but if you will walk in love for all of humanity, you wonít judge. One of the most grievous things to me in these days is to hear one Christian judge another, and to hear somebody who is speaking truth thatís a little bit higher get criticized and called New Age. I want to say something, and I know I am sticking my neck out in saying this. Right today there is more truth in what the New Age is saying than what most Christians are saying. At the same time I will tell you, COME OUT of everything and come to God. I am not supporting New Age or Christians or Buddhists, I am simply saying that God has truth everywhere you look. People are blasting what God is speaking today from His Holy Temple because what is coming forth from His Holy Temple has been taught in Hinduism for thousands of years. That doesnít mean it isnít true, itís just been perverted. Man always perverts truth. But when you can walk in total love and acceptance, you will stop pointing the finger. Remember what Paul told us in Hebrews 6:1, "Therefore, leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection."

If God says to me today, I want you to go down the street and I want you to find this man, and he has a demonic spirit and I want you to cast it out, I am not going to say, "Well God, Iím not in Pentecost anymore, Iím in Tabernacles," Iím going to do what God says. Iím saying, you should always listen to God and do what He says. Anything outside of that, and youíre being an outlaw.

Walking In Love

The Kingdom of God is to walk in love. Love knows nothing but a desire to edify and to build. Of course, there is a severity to love. Itís a fearful thing (to the flesh) to fall into the corrective hand of God. But we must realize that to walk in God is simply to walk in love. Itís that simple. Whenever you look at a human being, no matter what theyíre doing, no matter what theyíre saying, and you feel resentment rising up in you, you can be assured thatís not God. God is not insensitive to these things, but the character of God is to restore, not to condemn. Itís a matter of attitude. As you walk in love, your main concern will be to bring restoration and not condemnation.

So in simple terms, to walk in the Kingdom of God is simply to walk in love. It is really that simple. What does love do? Here is something God instructed me to read, and I did it for months and months and months until it began to work itself into me:

"The love of God has been shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I endure and I am patient and kind. I am never envious. I never boil over with jealousy. Iím not boastful or vainglorious. I donít display myself haughtily. Iím not conceited, arrogant or inflated with pride. Iím not rude. I do not act unbecomingly. I do not insist upon my own rights and my own way, because I am not self seeking. Iím not touchy. Iím not fretful, nor am I resentful. I take no account of the evil which is done to me. I pay no attention to a suffered wrong. I do not rejoice in injustice or in unrighteousness, but I rejoice when right and truth prevail. I bear up under everything that comes, and I am always ready to believe the very best of every person. My hopes are fadeless under all circumstances, and I endure everything without weakening. I never fail."

Those arenít just words to me (if I can say this without sounding boastful). If you talk to my wife, she will tell you that this is what flows out of me. This is not Adam trying to make himself godly, this is simply what I am. Do I still make mistakes? Of course I do. Do I still miss God? Only every day of my life. But I realize today, more than ever before, that I am Christ, once again, being manifested on the earth. And my friend, so are you. You have the divine essence and substance of everything that He is. All you need is an unveiling to see that what Iím speaking to you is true, and you will realize that you are not Adamóthe struggles are over, the work is complete. You are complete in Him who is the head of all principalities and powers. Iím complete in Him. What authority has any demonic influence over me? I have been, as the Word says, delivered out of the kingdom of darkness, transferred or translated into the Kingdom of His Son (Col. 1:13). If that has happened to us (and it most certainly has), what influence has demonic power over us?

I still hear people say how the principalities and the powers of darkness are prevailing over the Northwest. Well, you know what, there was a time in my experience when I experienced that and I felt the heaviness, but I donít now. Thereís a realm in God where nothing affects you. There is nothing in Tabernacles but God, in the Holy of Holies. You canít imagine how wonderful it is for me to be able to share some of these things. "To him that overcomes, I will give to eat of the hidden manna" (Rev. 2:17). And oh, when you begin to taste some of these things, you have such a deep desire to share them, but until the people and the time are right, you canít. The message on mistaken identity has been in me for years, and only from person to person at times could I share it. But today there are many other groups I can go to and speak it forth. God has prepared a people, to bring them into the fullness of Tabernacles. We are a blessed generation, absolutely blessed. Hallelujah!