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Further Talks on
 the Two Seeds
The Path of the Illumined Judge Not by Appearances The Path of Ascension
Message From
Cunningham TX
The Spiritual Path The Path of Love Why Do You Believe What You Believe
The Experience of Oneness 1 The Experience of Oneness 2 The Experience of Oneness 3 The Experience of Oneness 4
Message From Trinidad 1 Message From Trinidad 2 Christ vs. Religion 1 Christ vs. Religion 2
Christ vs. Religion 3 Christ vs. Religion 4 Christ vs. Religion 5 Christ vs. Religion 6
Christ vs. Religion 7 The Revelation of Christ in a Man Knowing The Fathers Heart Eating Drinking & Breathing
The True Source of Life The Mind of Christ Foundational Truth The Natural & The Spiritual
Our Spiritual Potential The Substance of Life Information or Revelation Revelation Brings Transformation

Entering The Kingdom

Possessing Our Land

Knowing Our True Identity

Entering Through Love

Coming Into Manifestation

Old Testament Scriptures and the Nature of God

Christ vs. Religion 8

Worshipping From the Heart
Song By Robert Rutherford

Absolute Truth

The Progression of the Believer

Removing the Veils of Religion

The Secret

The Secret Part 2

The Secret Part 3

The Truth of Being

Loving God , Loving Each Other

God's Eternal Purpose Part 1

God's Eternal Purpose Part 2 God's Eternal Purpose Part 3 God's Eternal Purpose Part 4
A Bridge Builder Loins Girt About
With Truth
True Spiritual Warfare God Enjoys Being Human
Unconditional Love The Winds of Doctrine Changing Our Concepts Remembering
God In You Can Make It Purified by Fire You Are More Than You Know You Are More Than You Know Part 2 
Encouragement Practical Spirituality What God Does Is Forever Death and Resurrection
The Face of the Covering The Corporate Christ Part 1 The Corporate Christ Part 2  The Corporate Christ Part 3 
The Corporate Christ Part 4 Walking In The Reality Deceptive Belief Systems
Part 1
Deceptive Belief Systems
Part 2
The Life Giving Spirit Chosen Called and Justified The Gospel of John
Part 1
The Gospel of John
Part 2

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