In memory of
Joseph Edward McLaughlin

Joseph Edward McLaughlin, Gary Sigler's Grandfather was born January 14,1884 in Zanesville Ohio. He was the 6th Child born of 4 brothers and 4 sisters. He was raised on a farm and loved his parents dearly. Joseph married Katherine Fitzpatrick and had one child, Helen, Nadine’s Grandmother. Katherine became ill with Tuberculosis the Doctors recommended a move to Pueblo, Colorado for her health. She was called home April 12,1916 at the age of 33yrs. Joseph then moved back to Columbus Ohio. He started a company manufacturing Cosmetics and selling Pharmaceuticals, he lost the business during the depression.

   Joseph served in the Army during W.W.I. When his service was completed he worked in sales. He sold Hoover Vacuums, Fuller Brush and Watkins products until retirement in his 60’s.               

    His second wife was Gertrude and his third wife was Alice Bostwick, Gertrude’s sister both died with Alzheimer’s. When Alice Passed on in 1970 Joseph at 86 yrs old moved to Lancaster California To Live with his grand daughter Betty and her husband Paul. Helen Joseph’s daughter also lived with them. At that time there were five living generations.  

While living with my Sister, Grand Dad wrote  the many poems that we enjoy today. and share with others in our  Newsletter and on our web site.

  Joseph Edward McLaughlin Had a passion for God at a very young age. His poems reflect his love for Jesus, his daughter Helen,  and all of his family. g up.

Who would ever believe that Joseph Edward Mclaughlin’s  poems would be read by many many people through our Newsletter’s and now on the World Wide Web.  His love and passion of the Lord has passed down through six generations.

Joseph’s Great Grand Son
Daniel P. Russell

May 7, 1943 To February 6, 1989

Helen Sigler,  
Gary Sigler's Mother  

The generations of Joseph Edward Mclaughlin

Beside Joseph is Helen His Daughter
Upper Left – Betty His Grand Daughter
Upper Right Nadine His Great Granddaughter
Great Great  Grand Children Diana, Timothy and Nancy

We pray that you will enjoy Grandpa’s Poems because they are his heart of agape love for Jesus and all those that surrounded him. His poems are his heartstrings to Jesus thirty years after he went home to his Father above.  He was a remarkable man and left the heart of love here upon this earth to help us grow and become more like Jesus every day.

May these poems enrich your spiritual lives and encourage you to think more about God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and his effect on your life. God bless you all.    

Grandpa's Poems
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A Poem to Jesus

The House by the Side of the Road

A Time to be Serious

Thoughts of By-Gone Days

How I Love Jesus

Witnessing A Rainstorm

Jesus Our Advocate

Jesus Saves

My Easter Poem

Spring Is Here

My Future Home

The Servant of the Lord


Autumn Days

Soul Searching


The Crises

Thoughts and Reflections

The Challenge

Living for Jesus