Grandpa’s Corner

Autumn Days


Summer days are over

Autumn days are here

Winter is fast approaching
                         And there’s nothing to fear.                         


We took a nice walk this morning

There was not  a cloud in the sky

Jesus was walking with us

And I know the reason why.


He is our Lord and Savior

And is with us where ever we go

Because He loves His  children

He died on a Cross you know.


When we consider the different seasons

Summer, Autumn, Fall and Winter

We know God planned it that way

For all of us Saint or Sinners.


Autumn takes over the summer

And we’re thankful for the change

Then fall just around the corner

Then winter is within the range.


Fall is the time leaves turn beautiful

Their colors are red and  gold

They hang there in all majesty

Until winter cuts them cold.


Frost is coming quickly

The leaves will gently fall

Covering the grass and flowers

Because they’ve heard winter’s call.


It’s getting very, very chilly

These very cool fall days

The atmosphere seems different

Because of so much haze.


It really makes a difference

In summer, winter and fall

Because we’re kept  inside

Many of us but not all


So Autumn Days are lovely

As everybody knows

And when Old Man Winter Comes

It means more warmer clothes.