Grandpaís Corner




December 25, 1973


When I think about our celebrating Christmas

It is very disgusting to me

Most children look forward for candy and toys

But to me itís a  Sacred Jubilee.


Itís a day set apart to worship

The miraculous birth of our Dear Lord

Our father in Heaven in all of His wisdom

Gave us His Dear Son by His Holy word.


The Shepherds who were attending their flocks

Got the message from the Angels in the sky

Then they left their flocks immediately

And came to Bethlehem to see the reason why.


There was a bright star that guided them

On their way to that Bethlehem Town

And when they finally arrived there

It was the little Child Jesus they found.


Mary His mother and Joseph

Looked after Him for a while

But when He grew to manhood

He taught in His own gracious style.


He went about teaching healing

His people were too stiff necked to understand

So He appointed His twelve Apostles

Then His work really began.


So Christmas is a day of celebration

And not only for candy and toys

And we should teach all of our children

Especially the little girls and boys.


We do not know the exact date

That our Father sent us His Dear Son

But I know that any believing person

Knows our souls He has already won.


I am only interested in the children

Whom God has given us to love

And by instructing them spiritually

About Jesus in Heaven above.


Thatís my thoughts about Christmas

A day of rejoicing and prayer

Because had it not happened

All of our sins would still be there.


Author: Joseph  Edward McLaughlin