Grandpaís Corner


Living for Jesus


I was reading in my Bible this morning    

About the sower who sowed the seed

How some fell on good ground

Sprang up but was choked by the weed.


From this parable I got the message

That whatever we sow we will reap

So it behooves all of us daily

To be strictly honest and never cheat.


The life we live is recorded

In that Book of Life in Heaven

So all of our deeds should be good ones

And if so they will work like leaven.


How nice it is to live for Jesus

As He gives us the things we need each day

But when we meet with misfortune

We should get down on our knees and pray.


We should not expect to be carried

To Heaven on flowery beds of ease

Nor depend on the Blood of Jesus

To cure each and every one of our disease.


He has given us our Doctors

To whom we may go when sick

And not to be discouraged

If they do not cure us real quick.


It is written in the Holy Scriptures

That He chastens those whom He loves

And we should all be very patient

And not go crooning like a flock of Doves.


When He was on this earth teaching

People followed Him wherever He went

Wanting Him to cure all of their diseases

But thatís not why from Heaven he was sent.


We all know the wonderful story

Why God sent Him down to this earth

To give His life for a ransom

And that was the reason for His birth.


Now that we all know the story

We should never cease to pray

As the kingdom of God is within us

All through each and every day.


AUTHOR: Joseph  Edward McLaughlin