November 26, 1973  

When my writing is all finished
I commune with myself a lot
Turn my thoughts and reflections
To my Dear Lord from I was begot  

If we had no knowledge of a creator
What would we have to live for
As after our lives would be over
There just wouldn’t be any more  

But now we have our Dear Lord Jesus
Our Savior and our Friend
Who gave His life’s Blood for us
So we would be happy in the end  

When we are worried and discouraged
And troubled with a load of care
What is more uplifting then
To take it to the Lord in prayer  

Old man Satan is working
Every day and all night
Trying to deceive the most elect
By his continuous fight  

But when we go to Jesus
At His very name he flees
And he can not harm us
That is any one who believes  

I pity those people who do not know Him
And daily live lives of sin and shame
Never think to call on Jesus
But live on the their sinful game  

When life’s curtain is really drawn
But their Spirits appear before their God
To be judged of all their sins
As their bodies are layed under the sod  

When I think of the joy and happiness
When the Rapture finally takes place
We’ll all be caught up to Heaven
To see Jesus face to face  

All of our troubles will be over
And sorrow will be no more
God will wipe away all of our tears
And we will be happy for evermore

By Joseph Edward McLaughlin