Grandpa’s Corner


Spring is Here


The month of April is on the wing

I consider this a wonderful thing

May is just around the corner

That makes me feel like Jack Horner


On days like this we feel alive

Because the temperature is eighty-five

We can relax out in the sun

And Oh Boy is that a lot of fun


Frosty knows it’s very nice too

She likes to get out with me and you

The balmy air and this sunny clime

Makes Heaven and earth so Divine

We lay aside our winter clothes

But for how long who knows

Trees are leafing some in bloom

Fruit will be ripening very soon


Sometimes a freeze comes a long the way

Which will kill the fruit the same day

All we can do is hope for the best

And Let our Lord Jesus do the rest


Oh it’s so very encouraging days like this

So we live it up and consider it Bibles

The dark and dreary days of yesteryear

And god being with us there’s nothing to fear.


It still gets a little cool in the evening

But it will not be long until we’ll be receiving

Sunny skies and lovely balmy days

And having a little patience it always pays.


Now a little information about Frosty

She’s a cute little trick but she gets nasty 

Out in the yard she’s her own provider

 Because she eats bugs, worms and spider.


Betty says it sometimes makes her sick

Then she throws it all up real quick

It’s only natural as a little Pup

Vet says she’ll get over it when she grows up


Betty’s going on vacation 10 days or more

And when she gets back She’s gonna have Frosty Shorn

I’m wondering is she will be as cute as she’s now

But Betty thinks she’ll certainly be a wow!



Joseph Edward McLaughlin