November 28, 1973  

The whole world is in turmoil
Everything is going to pot
Some folks may be pessimistic
Itís a fact whether you like it or not  

Compare today with yesteryear
You will find prices out of sight
Some people blame it on the government
But that kind of thinking is not right  

Iíve lived through several depressions
And we have always come back strong
But conditions are altogether different
And brother something is radically wrong  

We are getting closer to the end
Of this world in which we live
God has given us abundant Graces
But hasnít much more to give  

He is rounding up His people
To be ready when they hear His call
This means all of His children
You and me oh yes one and all  

Never in my life time
Have I seen conditions like this
Everything is being rationed
Thereís not a thing theyíve missed  

Weíre supposed to conserve fuel
An important essential to heat
Also on the lighting system
And I know you never saw the beat  

Did you ever see the time
When you had to turn down the thermostat
To a temperature lower than 70 degrees
And just what do you think of that  

There will be great trials and tribulations
Before the end will really take place
So we may all be in for it
Unless God gives us His Grace  

What this old world needs today
Is a strict dedication to prayer
We should ask our Dear Lord Jesus
His Graces and Blessings to share  

By Joseph Edward McLaughlin